say you were practicing? Why are you here here in the spare time?” Marshal Andre asked with a hint of reproach as he returned the military salute.

“Come and see you!” David put down his hand and said with a smile.
“Come and sit down!” Marshal Andre walked out of his desk, sat on the guest sofa and pointed to the sofa beside him.
David sat down as instructed, and Adjutant Jekyll came in, brought water to the two of them, and left the office again.
It is estimated that in the entire federation, except for Grand Marshal Andre, only Adjutant Jekyll knows what David has done before. It is not appropriate for him to be present in the conversation between David and Grand Marshal Andre, which may involve matters.
“General Andre, this is the dessert I brought for you, please use it!” David took out a bowl of ‘Heart-warming Lotus Seed Soup’ with only two ‘Heart-warming Lotus’ from the space pendant and placed it on the Said in front of Generalissimo Andre.
Marshal Andre sniffed the smell of the ‘Heart-warming Lotus Seed Soup’, and the smile on his face grew.
Normally, any food that General Andre eats must be inspected by his personal guards, and he will not eat food from unknown sources.
Especially when someone like David appears suddenly and unexpectedly, there are too many suspicious things.
But Generalissimo Andre knew David, and the relationship between him and David was very special. David was like his most cherished descendant.
The most important thing is that David has no possibility of harming him. Anyone in the world may harm him, but David must not be among them.
“You’re not here just to serve this bowl of dessert, are you?” Marshal Andre asked as he picked up the small bowl.
“Just for this, nothing else matters!” David said with a smile.
Marshal Andre was a little surprised. He sipped the ‘Heart-warming Lotus Seed Soup’ in small sips, savoring the taste.
David’s mental focus was on General Andre’s body. As he took the ‘Heart-warming Lotus Seed Soup’, the trace of immortal vitality in it began to play a powerful role.
The ‘Heart-warming Lotus Seed Soup’ is actually just a cover-up, what really works is the immortal vitality, but the ‘Heart-warming Lotus Seed Soup’ that exceeds the level of a cooking master is the best cover-up.
Marshal Andre finished the small amount of ‘Heart-warming Lotus Seed Soup’ and was about to give a compliment, but at this moment he felt a warm energy flowing through his body.
Aging and fatigue were swept away after this warm energy flowed through, and Marshal Andre felt that his age had returned by twenty years.
/“David, you are serious!” How could Generalissimo Andre not understand why David came now? He said happily.
“If you have any trouble, I can solve it for you!” David suggested softly.
Marshal Andre laughed and shook his head. He knew what David meant.
Just watch David silently enter the federal headquarters and come to his office, but nothing is known outside. Coupled with David’s many assassination records in the past, even President Louis, the federal president