ression, he raised his right arm and struck at Wang Xuan.

This is completely replicating Wang Xuan’s posture just now, wanting to chop the enemy with his palm and seek an explanation for the extraordinary beings from the three planets!
/“You have to try your best!” At this critical moment, Wang Xuan actually reminded his opponent, which surprised many people. What did he mean? He dared to be so confident in the face of a creature that was close to an immortal or a demon saint. ?
In the eyes of many people, this is really a bit presumptuous!
At this time, Wang Xuan clenched his fist tightly without any extra movement. His right fist emitted a dazzling light, like a divine flame, and various fine textures emerged, exuding a terrifying aura.
When the old man’s right arm fell like a heavenly sword, the brilliant sword light was so bright that everyone who shone it could not open their eyes.
However, with a bang, as Wang Xuan waved his fist, everything changed.
The brilliant sword light was shattered by the punch and penetrated. With one punch, the super matter boiled and swept violently, causing the sword light to collapse.
This time, the sound was huge. Not only did the sword light explode, but the old man was also covered in cracks, and his face was covered with traces of blood like a spider web. He was shocked and horrified, and then his heart became dark, his eyes dimmed, and his soul was disintegrating.
A creature close to the level of an immortal or a demon saint returned from the fairy world. His body was shattered by a punch in a secret place, and blood mist evaporated.
Wang Xuan stood there, very calm, and defeated his opponent with his fists.
However, the scene could not be calm anymore. That was an immortal, an ancestor, who was famous behind the scenes, and was beaten to death in the human world like this?
/For the people of Yuhua, Euler, and Heluo, this is no less than a big earthquake. The beliefs in their hearts are shaken by that punch. Their faces are full of horror. It is difficult to accept this fact. .
Wang Xuan didn’t feel anything. He even killed Zheng Yuantian. What are the creatures at this level now? They can’t compare to ghost monks and round-faced white tigers in the big curtain.
In this corrupt world, the return of creatures that do not break limits and strong men who are not peerless is not a big threat to him.
“You are in the immortal world, have you never heard of my name? It means that the level you are exposed to is not very high.” Wang Xuan said to himself.
Everyone nearby was in a daze, even feeling horrified and speechless. What was going on?
At this time, they felt a deep chill. According to him, people in the fairy world should have heard his name?
What Wang Xuan said was the truth. Some time ago, Hengjun and Zheng Yuantian did not hesitate to tear up the curtain and target him. Many masters in the immortal world knew this.
“The fierce king is going to heaven!” The little fox fairy’s voice was unclear and her mouth was full of snacks. She was so happy th