civilization in history. This can be seen from the ten-layer spiritual relics they left behind, the refining of the imperial flag, etc.

Here, there is the breath of the beginning, chaotic primitive matter, dead silence, mist, and at the end, there is no way out.
“They tore apart the sky and entered this spiritual universe. They thought they had gained a new life in mythology, but they found that there was still no light and no immortality. They wanted to tear apart this deep space again, break free, and bombard the world with warships. Attack together, all the mythical characters attack together, but they can’t break this place.” Fang Yuzhu said.
The six people saw the blood in the chaotic material, the exploded bow, etc. The civilization as a whole was attacking and wanted to get out from here, but failed.
There are more spiritual wreckage here, and there are also a lot of broken physical bodies. There is still terrifying energy radiation, killing the incarnation of the ancestor of the Dark Blood Cult.
The six masters resisted, approaching the chaos, and observed carefully. In the mist, there was something like rocks and frozen soil, cold and dead.
Of course, this is not real rock or frozen soil, it just looks similar. It is the chaotic state before the beginning of all things, disordered and messy, cold and cold.
/After the soul touches it, it feels cold to the bone, and the inside is very solid. The deeper you go, the more you feel that it is indestructible and surpasses the divine iron.
“They were too stubborn and couldn’t find a way out, so they decided to die. In the end, they collided violently and all of them died.” Qi Teng, the ancestor of the immortals, said.
Zheng Yuantian said: “Because they don’t have much time. They have reached the end of the collapse of the extraordinary world, and they can only wait for death if they turn back.”
They had complex emotions, felt the same way, and could fully understand the final mood of that group of people.
The six people set out again to explore this spiritual universe. Sure enough, they found something again and found a dark planet riddled with holes.
It’s not very big, it’s densely packed with honeycomb-like holes everywhere, and wisps of something close to real matter come out.
“Is there such a place?” The six people were surprised.
They rushed over quickly, stood on top, and were nourished. However, they frowned and left the asteroid.
At the slightest touch, the star decayed and shattered, and the energy substances that emerged that were close to reality, mixed with the decaying atmosphere of spiritual debris, were polluted.
The asteroid is only a hundred miles in diameter, so it is indeed very small, but it is very strange and contains energy and matter that is close to reality. This is what immortals are pursuing.
“In a sense, they were successful. They actually found this place and discovered such a special planet, which has continued the life of the myth for many years. But in the end, it was almost consumed and only the aftertaste was left.”