d lead the fairy world to seize the treasure.

One person said: “We are here not to bully others, nor to start a war.”
Ma Chaofan suddenly didn’t want to hear it anymore and said: “You sound like you are no match for us. Didn’t you see that there is a God-Slayer here? Earlier, the four most powerful gods were also very arrogant, but in the end, weren’t they all killed by Wang Xuan? Who are you to be killed?”
“The originators of our two religions are extraordinary, and we are their disciples. Although we are ineffective, we are only a hair away from being the most powerful.”
/“It turns out that I am relying on two immortals!” the little fox fairy muttered.
“Don’t be disrespectful with your words, let alone act rashly! Otherwise, you will be responsible for the consequences.” One of them shook an immortal talisman in his hand, and the light of immortality evaporated, and said: “This is equivalent to a blow from a peerless clone in this world!”
This made the faces of several people in the spacecraft look ugly. Is this an intimidation?
“We don’t want to start a war, we just want to tell you some news calmly. Both the Mace of Time and Space and the Book of Time have serious problems. If they are used against the enemy, they will encounter backlash at critical moments. If they are not suppressed and surrendered by the treasure, the host will eventually die miserably. !”
“What exactly do you want to say?” Zhao Qinghan asked.
“The two originators lead the most powerful people into the fairy world, and they are destined to get the Feathering Banner and the Xiaoyao Boat, which is no worse than the achievements of Fang Yuzhu and others. We are here to make a good relationship, whether it is the Book of Years or the semi-mature treasure , it is useless for you to keep it in your hands. Instead, it will become a big trouble and eventually lead to death. If it is dedicated to the Gouchen Emperor Palace and Chaojue Palace, which have the most precious treasures, you will be richly rewarded.”
Are the Yuhua Banner and Xiaoyao Zhou destined to be obtained by people from the Land of Immortality and the Land of Gods? Wang Xuan and others were surprised.
Chen Yongjie said: “You came here to beg for alms. You are a white wolf with nothing, and you are threatening me?”
“Let’s go!” Wang Xuan asked them to leave immediately.
Liu Huaian acted prudently and told them calmly that the organizer had not yet handed over the Book of Time as a reward.
“You will regret it!” A few people simply turned around and left. One of them even sneered: “It’s a long journey, be careful not to make it back.”
“You still dare to threaten us?” Wang Xuan asked.
“No, I don’t want to send you good luck. In the end, because the treasure will damage your life, it won’t be so wonderful.” The man said calmly, turned around and left.
They held the unparalleled immortal talisman and left with a sneer and confidence.
/“I really don’t believe in evil!” Wang Xuan said. The extraordinary disciples were indeed of high status, but they blatantly threatened them an