is different from three years ago.” Qin Cheng reminded.

“I know.” Wang Xuan nodded.
Gu Mingxi raised his glass and toasted to Wang Xuan, saying: “Wang Xuan, thank you for standing up for us this time. We should have less trouble in the future, but they may hate you.”
Wang Xuan didn’t care. Since he was here today, if he said a few words in a soft and gentle manner, there would most likely be more trouble.
For him to follow his true intention and directly educate the three people would actually make all parties jealous, and even worry and fear him from settling accounts with relevant parties.
He is very clear about the thoughts of some people. Now, he cannot be weak on the road to transcendence, he must hold on, as if he has become the last afterglow of transcendence.
In fact, many people see it this way, even the few remaining extraordinary beings think so. They are afraid that if he falls, if he cannot survive it, those who are hostile to the immortals may become unscrupulous, and some lunatics I even want to study their flesh and blood genes.
Next, a few people drank and chatted, talking about the changes in the past few years. Zhou Shiqian, Kong Yun and others actually had far more feelings than Wang Xuan about experiencing such a drastic change and falling from the fairy world to the mortal world, and the impact was stronger.
Fortunately, they are very adaptable. If there are no outsiders to disturb them and no unpredictable people to target them, these people will live well in the old land.
/“The elders in my family want to come and visit you.” After the atmosphere relaxed, Kong Yun said this, a little embarrassed.
/In fact, this night, the news of Wang Xuan’s appearance could no longer be concealed. The practitioners in Ancheng and the remaining extraordinary beings in the old land all learned about it and wanted to know his current situation.
“You don’t have to be so polite. Tell those old people that we will meet again later.” Wang Xuan said, and then calmly added: “Don’t worry about anything. There is no big problem at this stage.”
This last sentence was spread that night, and the practitioners in the old land, whether they were reduced to mortals or those who retained part of their Taoism, suddenly felt that the pressure was suddenly relieved.
However, after hearing the news, some people were not very happy that night and did not even sleep well. In this day and age, is there still an earthly immortal without loss?
Huang Ming whispered: “Wang Xuan, if you really want to go to Xinxing, you must be on guard. It would be terrible if something like a spacecraft malfunction occurs on the way.”
It can be seen that he does not have the problem of acclimatization. He is even familiar with such things and has completely integrated into the real world.
The next topic became more relaxed. Zhou Qinghuang, a wheat tycoon, gave a passionate performance and showed off his singing voice. The beautiful songs were indeed sweeter. In the end, he and Gu Mingxi sang and danced together in a duet. The two of them