quickly, picked up the flag, held the cover, and stood ready.

Are there any intruders here? The unsteady feeling became more intense, and he looked around with his spiritual eyes.
“Last time, I heard a faint and shrill howl in the meteorite passage. Could something really be coming?” He came outside the pool and walked into the darkness.
The next moment, he suffered a heavy blow, his ears roared, his mental eardrums almost exploded, his arms became numb, and his whole body was shaken to pieces. The fatal threat was quite terrifying.
Even his God-Slaying Flag and the furnace lid flew out of his hands, his hands convulsing.
Wang Xuan’s eyes were bright red, like blood. It was a strange light that engulfed him and prevented him from approaching the furnace cover and flag.
The next moment, he was knocked away. The intense light and extremely high temperature were going to “roast” his soul, which was too lethal to a spiritual body like his.
The outside world is in violent turmoil!
There were treasures that were resonating before, but now the health stove was stimulated, roaring and trembling, causing certain treasures to echo each other, and the tremors became more violent.
Chen Yongjie had a new realization just now. He refined his body with the overflowing red substance of Wang Xuan and purified his own energy and spirit. He felt that he could look forward to the next ten years.
He has amazing potential. Many older people commented on him that if he were placed in ancient times, he was destined to become a Buddha and the ancestor. There would be no problem in becoming the ancestor of a religion.
Now, there are various resources to speed up his cultivation process and improve his Tao fruit.
However, when the future was promising and he had a vision in his heart, he was hit by a dazzling light, and a faint red cloud spread out, causing him to fly out.
/“It’s shaking again, especially fierce and extremely violent!” Chen Yongjie knew something was wrong, and the big earthquake caused by Wang Jiaozu finally started to happen.
Moreover, this time was different from the past. He stayed by Wang Xuan’s side and absorbed various beneficial substances, but it was still not enough. At the beginning, he felt strongly uneasy. Would he be beaten back to the eighth level again? ?
In the present world, it’s like thunder is roaring, new treasures are being born, and old treasures are fighting, resonating violently, and all the extraordinary people are turning pale.
“What happened? How could there be a sudden earthquake? It became more and more violent. I want to cry. I am about to fall out of state again!”
“This has never happened before. In one day, the realms have dropped continuously. What the hell is happening? Who can bear this hell-level disaster?”
Countless people are wailing in many extraordinary places. No one has experienced this terrible situation. Is this the judgment of the universe? I wish I could beat all the extraordinary people back to their original form.
Everywhere, all practitioners tur