illing gods, killing Buddhas, and destroying even transcendent beings!

“The name of this killing formation is really good, is it God’s will?” Wang Xuan said.
The man in black robe nodded: “Yes, it’s God’s will. If I take your body, fuse the two flags and reappear the Royal Dao flag, you can perfectly coordinate with this killing formation in the future. Who can resist? God’s will!”
A creature that has lived for five thousand years is a contemporary of the ancient emperors. There is only one madman in the land of immortality who has lived longer than him.
“Haha” he was laughing, a little deep and a little dangerous. The real founder of the Demonic Embryo Dafa, the soul that entered the immortal world once took away Zheng Yuantian’s body.
/The part of the soul that was integrated into Zheng Yuantian’s flesh and blood died, but now, his most primitive main soul is still alive, transformed into a silver-robed man, walking with the evil dragon Qitian.
The man in front of him is the fragmented spirit left in the human world. Some time ago, through the resonance of the immortal world, part of the power was transferred through the curtain, and he recovered, and he is still regarded as one of the peerless immortals.
This person is very extraordinary. He is extremely powerful in the big screen. As for his power when he returns to the real world, that is another matter. At least Wang Xuan has nothing to fear.
“I have admired it for a long time. Some people have beautified the Demon Fetus Dafa as the Immortal Fetus Dafa. It is so vicious that even Zheng Jueshi was devoured by you. If this truth spreads, even the fairy world will be shaken.”
Wang Xuan looked at him and continued: “I have mixed feelings in my heart to meet such a great figure from the era of emperors, as if I have witnessed most of living history.”
“Shall we have a fight?” He took the initiative to invite a fight and said: “You are a five-thousand-year-old demon. If you are to deal with me, a descendant, you wouldn’t want to win with a big formation and refine the two of us, right? I have a deep feeling for that era. I am yearning for a fight with those who stand side by side with the emperors!”
Wang Xuan really wants to do something with him. Firstly, he wants to see the methods of this ancient giant. Secondly, this person’s main soul is still alive. In the immortal land, he can understand his methods now through his human body, so that he can kill him later. Its main spirit.
“What good is there in ancient times? The so-called glorious legends cover up the bones, cruel and bloody. None of the emperors had a good ending. They all died.” The man in black robe said.
He looked at Wang Xuan and said: “I am old, and it is not suitable for me to take action anymore. There is a killing formation here, so I won’t go through the trouble with you.”
Jiang Qingyao said: “You don’t want to do anything, you want to refine the two of us with the killing array? Well, I will split his body into two parts in a while, and I will see how you can get a perfect body with a