to see the complicated relationship between men and women. He slapped the table with an angry snort: “Stop your face and go elsewhere to talk about love. Lu came to the Northland to investigate the secret realm, not to watch your flirtations.”

“Well said, business is more important!”
Lu Bei looked at Zhu Heng coldly with a straight face: “I don’t know how to restrain myself even at my age.”
Zhu Heng:
You brat, let me see how I treat you!
Mr. Xin Kuang was not too concerned about the excitement. Seeing the end of the show, he first looked at Mr. Xinli and then said solemnly: “Elder Zhu, before you inquired about information and followed the clues to find the door, did you ever have any doubts?” ?”
“It’s not that Zhu found the two, but the two found Zhu, but is that so?”
Lord Xin Kuang said in a solemn voice: “Yiliang has been subjugated for a long time, and the matter of the secret realm is complicated and confusing. It is difficult to say whether it is true or false. But regardless of whether it is true or not, the secret realm has supported a thousand-year dynasty after all, and the interests in it are huge, and it is reasonable and reasonable. , I will not choose to cooperate with Wu Zhou.”
“Why did Mad Lord change his mind?” Zhu Heng asked, squinting his eyes.
Xin Kuangjun took a deep breath, glanced at Lu Bei, Lu Zhou, and Zhu Heng, and said word by word: “Xuanlong, Chiyun Palace.”
“Three evils, eight evils, and twenty-four ghosts”
Zhu Heng was shocked: “They are all here?”
“Not sure.”
Xin Kuangjun shook his head slightly: “According to my Xiong Chu eyesight, I only saw Jian Xi Dugu.”
Lu Bei:
/What is Chiyun Palace?
What are the three evils, the eight evils, and the twenty-four ghosts? Forget about the Riddler, can anyone explain it to him?
Chiyun Palace, the official organization of Xuanlong.
Different from the Huangji Sect and Xuanyin Division in Wuzhou, the monks in the Chiyun Palace neither participated in intelligence nor were they responsible for managing the cultivation sects, families and other forces within Xuanyin. They were pure thugs.
If anything, the responsibilities of Xianyungong and Qi Yan’s Xiantian Mansion are similar. Referring to the chronological order of the establishment of the two organizations, Xiantian Mansion is a later imitator.
The word “魑云” is easy to understand. The literal meaning is that bad people gather and evil parties gather together.
Xuanlong, as a great northern country with a thousand-year divine dynasty, openly maintained a group of demons and crooked ways. It was unreasonable no matter how you looked at it. This was a shameless thing.
Qi Yan turned off the lights.
The Xiantian Mansion, taking into account its reputation, secretly assigned the old demon Mo Xue to control the underworld, without mentioning it publicly. Even though the old demon Mo Xue has great magical powers, he cannot be caught or killed.
The reason why Xuanlong consumes a lot of cultivation resources every year to raise these demons regardless of her monk background is