materialistic world of immortality, Lu Bei could not even be punished.

No matter what, just follow the plan and kidnap the person first.
He clenched his fist and coughed lightly, reminding Xin Lijun to hurry up and fold his armor, and walked out of the shadow of the moon with a sullen expression on his head of white hair.
“Zhao Wuxie?!”
Seeing this face clearly, Lord Xinli was stunned for a moment, then he noticed it and frowned: “Sect Master Lu, you always have other people’s faces when you’re out and about. It’s really your style.”
“Sect Master Lu, this general doesn’t even know who he is!” Lu Bei broke the rules and acted without any distractions.
“Sect Master Lu, please take off this face. If virtue is not matched, there will be a disaster. General Zhao does not have the Mahayana cultivation level. If you help him establish his prestige, you will harm him.” Lord Xinli reminded.
She knew that the white hair in front of her was undoubtedly Lu Bei, so out of caution, she insisted on seeing his true face.
Lu Bei snorted coldly and stepped forward to reach Jun Xinli. The moment the latter slowly put aside his defense, he hit the breastplate with a straight punch.
/The void shattered, distant mountain peaks snapped, and dust pillars rose into the sky.
“Sixth Princess, right? She has good looks. The general is very satisfied with her and will use you to entertain her tonight.” Lu Bei glanced up and down and raised his hand to clasp Gu Zongyi’s shoulders.
Gu Zongyi: (._.)
Lu Bei: (;°_°)
Unlike the four princes, the lucky dragon energy guarding Gu Zongyi did not resist, and even
Hoping it was an illusion, he seemed to see Gu Zongyi smiling slightly.
Gu Zongyi looked at Lu Bei, then turned to look at the dust pillars rising in the distance, secretly saying that there was nothing she could do to help her. No matter what happened in the future, she hoped that her aunt would not take it to heart.
“Sect Master Lu, if you don’t leave now, how long will you wait?”
“Shut up, my surname is not Lu!”
Lu Bei interrupted, and as usual, he punched Gu Zongyi in the chest, cutting off the golden dragon energy in her body.
The golden light escaped, and when Xin Lijun returned to the place with a sullen face, Gu Zongyi was nowhere to be seen.
The process of capturing Gu Zongyi was so thrilling that it made Lu Bei feel numb and seriously doubted that he was the victim.
It is very possible that Xuanlong and Xiongchu had no intention of starting a war. The two actors set up a stage and joined forces to deceive him.
“Could it be that Qinglong thinks so too?”
Lu Bei thought about it and was extremely frightened. In order to verify the authenticity, he went to the camp of the other two princesses overnight.
The good news is that the two princesses resisted extremely fiercely. Even if the protective dragon energy was broken, they still refused to obey, which greatly satisfied the pride of his villain.
“This is the time for cultivating immortality. What was that thing just now?”
Lu Bei felt