knew that there was a high probability that Wang Xuan’s soul had a problem. Now that his spirit was out of his body, and with the blessing of the life pool, he approached the Earth Immortal to engage in a spiritual battle. He had a great chance of winning. .

A bright primordial spirit surrounded by divine light, slaying in the past. However, the next moment, the soul of the light god was gone, and returned to the body in an instant, not daring to slay directly.
It wasn’t because of the immortal blood steaming around Wang Xuan’s body that the gap between the two realms was not very big now. What he was really afraid of was the gray pool of the Rebirth Pool.
As the son of the ancient demon emperor, how could he not know the evil nature of this thing? If it was taken in, there would be no chance of reincarnation.
Wang Xuan was chasing him, but the Earthly Immortal was very strong. He was already in front of the God of Light, and he didn’t even want to let him go.
The god of light transformed into a roc, with an extremely huge body. This was the true form revealed after the strength was revived. The wings all over his body flowed with metallic luster, bursting out with extraordinary power.
/Its chest was bloody, collapsed, and had a hole in it.
It fled and fought, fighting with its sharp claws and huge beak. Even in this era, it was eight hundred meters long, with its wings spread out, like two sharp celestial knives cutting through the void of the universe.
“Look, the Demon Emperor’s own son has transformed into his true form, and can tear apart battleships with his flesh and blood body. Now it’s time for a decisive battle with Wang Dixian!” Demon Saint Zhou said excitedly.
With a bang, Wang Xuan’s speed was too fast, and the Earth Immortal’s body changed shape, as if teleporting, and stood on the back of Pengniao in an instant.
“Senior Mu!” Guangshen was horrified and couldn’t help shouting.
Sure enough, when Wang Xuan stood on the back of the Peng, the moment his feet landed, sacred feathers flew all over the sky, glowing blood spilled everywhere, and the Peng’s back cracked.
With a bang, Wang Xuan jumped up, as fast as lightning, swung his fist and hit Pengniao directly on the head.
Although there were demon clan spells blooming, the mournful howling of the Peng bird, and the bright divine feathers turning into fairy swords to kill Wang Xuan, they were all ineffective.
After Wang Xuan landed several punches, the head of the 800-meter-long sacred bird Peng disappeared. It was beaten alive and gone!
Wang Xuan jumped off the bird body silently, turned around and told the mechanical bear to drag the bird body away. In this era, it is really rare for the most powerful divine bird to revive and reappear its true form.
Such an extraordinary body and flesh and blood with vigorous vitality can be eaten for many years. It can be regarded as a very rare tonic as a gift to relatives and friends.
Of course, super matter is destined not to last long and will slowly fade away, but in the end it is far better