ll meal in the Heavenly Dining Hall, will be delivered for free soon. Please check it carefully.” The icon is sprayed with fairy mist, and there is the fragrance of delicacies, with a faint medicinal fragrance. This is a medicinal diet .

Wang Xuan is looking forward to it. From what it means, this is just a small meal. Obviously there are various upgraded versions?
/He couldn’t help but ask: “What level is the feast?”
“The culture of medicinal food is extensive and profound. You can cook a real dragon in a cauldron with heaven and earth, but it is not necessarily a feast. You can use a string of dewdrops on the petals of flowers in the morning light as a guide, and a wisp of morning glow as a fire. Slowly simmer it in the flower to create the appearance of heaven. Meals. The heavenly dining hall has various categories, and some medicinal meals can meet the needs of strangers.”
“Just brag!” Wang Xuan expressed disbelief and said, “I won’t believe it unless you send me a table of strange medicinal food and taste it yourself!”
Soon, three-dimensional text floated outside the mobile phone: “What you want is not a small surprise. It is given for free. It will be a shock to the canteen.”
“Forget it if you don’t give it away. Why are you talking so much? Where’s my little surprise?” Wang Xuan asked.
“I’m sorry, the Heavenly Court Dining Hall is doing its best to serve you. There were some accidents on the way. There was a duel between strangers on the way to the Luofu Star Territory, which caused the instability of time and space. The passage was intermittent, which delayed the time. It will be ready soon.” And there are metallic text shaking.
Wang Xuan: “”
He once again felt that something was wrong. Is this a “takeaway” delivered to heaven across the sea of ??stars and across several star fields? How much it costs!
“The road is well connected and you are welcome to enjoy your meal!”
Then, a rich fragrance burst out, a small vortex appeared on the icon on the phone screen, and then a huge wooden bowl flew out.
“I’ll go, such a big bowl!” Wang Xuan was so lost in thought that he actually delivered it. It was an extra-large bowl, half a person tall, and it was enough to be used as a bathtub.
“The chef this time is not a human, he is a big alien, so the portion is a bit large. The amount of food is completely based on his height and body shape.” There is text floating outside the mobile phone to explain.
It’s a real bargain for such a large amount. The most important thing is that it looks dark and doesn’t look very good, but it tastes so good that Wang Xuan can’t help but use his chopsticks.
Is this meat, medicine, or black ginseng and sesame paste? The ingredients are unknown, but there seems to be a variety of ingredients. There is a vague smell of dragon meat and grass jelly. Is this a mixed stew?
Wang Xuan restrained his appetite and did not feast immediately, mainly because the mobile phone was too evil and he didn’t know if the food was completely okay.
He decided to go back and find a chicken or dog