oped to improve his physical skills level higher before integrating the light ball of physical skills knowledge, so that he could get a greater improvement.

Although the physical improvement of more than a day of exercise was not reflected on the data panel, David felt his own improvement. Maybe if he was in school at this time, he should be able to see his most detailed results on the dynamometer. Improve results.
After all, although this data panel is convenient, some weak improvements that do not reach the data changes are still difficult to see intuitively.
David wanted to wait until night before absorbing the knowledge light balls. He didn’t want to waste any of the knowledge light balls in his hands now.
But he didn’t wait until the evening. At two o’clock in the afternoon, his ID bracelet showed a contact request.
Looking at the contact requester displayed on the ID bracelet, the name displayed was Officer Bob. After thinking about it for a while, he remembered that this was the police officer who handled matters in the bookstore yesterday.
“Hello, Officer Bob!” He connected the ID bracelet, selected the video call, and then looked at Officer Bob who appeared on the ID bracelet and greeted him.
The call methods of the identity bracelet include voice calls and video calls. Generally speaking, video calls will only be chosen when acquaintances or official contacts, or the other party applies for a video call, and the respondent agrees.
Officer Bob requested the video call, which showed that it was very formal. At the same time, the conversation would also be recorded by the police system.
“David, if you are free, please go to the police station. The injuries you suffered this time have been compensated, and you need to sign to receive them!” Officer Bob said with a smile.
“Officer Bob, the compensation results have arrived so soon?” David asked in surprise.
When he heard Officer Bob say this, he had the idea that the other party had tricked him into going out and wanted to harm him.
But just hearing Officer Bob say he was going to the police station, I knew this was impossible.
You must know that after yesterday’s tragedy, there was panic in Perrin City. In the news this morning, we saw more than ten Interceptor drones patrolling over Perrin City.
/At least until the tension ends, Perrin City is the safest place, and no one dares to cause trouble on the streets under such circumstances.
“David, the driver who drove the flying shuttle into the crowd is a wanted criminal. The reward for this wanted criminal will be paid to all the victims as compensation!” Officer Bob explained with a smile.
If it were anyone else, he wouldn’t pay too much attention to it, but after checking David’s background, he paid special attention to David.
Although the deputy director of the Perrin City Legal Department is not the deputy director with real power, he is not someone he can offend.
“Thank you, I’ll go right away!” David agreed and then turned off the identity bracelet.
Although the danger outside was very sma