ed eyes. They should have been deliberately released by several companies, but the crazy beast talisman had not been fully activated.

“How do you look after the house?!” He was angry and about to shout.
However, suddenly, it was like cold water was poured on his head. Where did he go? Why did he disappear in the garden? He calmed down. Could it be that he was killed here?
He seriously doubted that he was harmed by an acquaintance, right?
/He said nothing, did not contact anyone else for the time being, and fled at high speed to find his second body.
Finally, he approached a big mountain and used special induction to search for the remaining aura and tracked it down.
However, after arriving here, the clues were interrupted and there were no traces left.
Relying on his powerful spiritual consciousness, he scanned the mountainous area and found a road that led directly to the heart of the mountain, where there was a special mire that gave birth to the Hunyuan Divine Mud.
“Isn’t this the place where treasure-level objects were born? Why did my second body come here so early?” He was lost in thought.
Calculating the time, it was time for the Creation Garden to be closed, but they were not allowed to enter at will, because it was unclear what kind of rare items were missing.
Only if several companies negotiate and act together can they come in.
For a moment, his expression was gloomy and he thought a lot. He even suspected that those families had harmed his second life.
There is another possibility. Could it be that the second body rebelled? Want to be the main body, take away the Hunyuan Shenmu in advance to make up for the shortcomings, and create a new secondary body? Weibo suddenly felt cold.
I don’t know how long it took, but suddenly a thunderous voice exploded in the sky two thousand miles away: “How brave, who are you? How dare you break into the Creation Garden!”
High in the sky, above the clouds, there was a vaguely visible building complex. A dozen old servants rushed out. They were all shocked and angry that an outsider had entered the palace.
What’s going on? Those old servants couldn’t believe it. Wasn’t it closed? After sending the crazy beast to the Creation Garden, several families will not go there for the time being.
/After waiting for a day or two for the strangers from the clan to arrive and inviting the strangers from other top sects to watch the Garden of Creation, the descendants of the family will go in and water the blood path tree.
These old servants didn’t care at all about how several companies had decided in advance to divide various rare items, because they were serving these companies.
Some are on the run.
It was too late when they got the news. When they came in, they found that the Creation Garden had been cleared away by groups of people who came in advance, and there were not many rare objects left.
Someone was sharp-eyed and bold, and discovered a hidden palace complex above the clouds in the distance. Together with his friends, he directly touched it. It was precisel