“If he insults my clan, even if he kills him on the spot, the people in the Sky City will not care. The top clan in the sea of ????stars is not something that a little true immortal like him can wantonly humiliate. If I kill him now, who will I can’t say anything.”

There was only one feather on the wolverine’s head, and he said: “Don’t label me randomly. I, Kong Xuan, the second king of Wuxing Mountain, clearly meant ‘you guys’. I will change my name to Candleworm in the future. Very soon.” Rigorous, does not refer to the entire Zhulong Clan.”
Elder Qingkong nodded and said: “There’s nothing wrong with that. That’s true. How about you and me fight? The two of us will also go to the arena of the Bronze Giant Palace to decide whether to live or die!”
/The people around were frightened, shocked, and then there was a lot of noise. This matter is getting bigger and bigger. Is it going to end even for the supreme being?
Wang Xuan even stepped forward and said: “Actually, you can come to the True Immortal Battlefield and enter the ‘Fair Arena’. I will join you. Do you dare to come?”
Suddenly, people in this area were in an uproar. This Kong Xuan was so stubborn that he was about to explode.
Zhuhai’s eyes glanced over indifferently. At his height, he would naturally not respond to a junior, and he would never end up competing with him.
Otherwise, once he competes with a true immortal, he will lose before he takes action. If he really wanted to die personally, he would only fight Qingkong.
“You two, calm down!” The old man from Sky City stood up.
“Is there any more?” Wang Xuan asked.
In the end, a total of six people from the Zhulong Clan came out and made a pact on the Xingsha Fairy Paper on the spot.
At this time, a group of people surrounded Wang Xuan. Luo Ying and Zhong Xiao were whispering to him. It was all too sudden. A conflict quickly evolved into Kong Xuan entering the giant bronze palace and challenging a group of people alone.
“We will end up too!” Luo Ying said solemnly. This has escalated to the point of confrontation between the two clans. As the most beautiful true immortal in the Black Peacock Sacred Mountain, she did not want to stay out of the matter.
Zhong Xiao was already talking to Gu Ming. He wanted to make a contract and enter the life and death arena.
“No, don’t make the storm bigger for now, just let me stop it.” Wang Xuan said, he felt that the Black Peacock Holy Mountain was good to him, so he could take over this matter alone.
To him, it was no big deal. If Kong Xuan had a difficult road ahead, Lu Renjia could still rise, and the Golden Horn King could be born.
Besides, at present, it won’t reach that point.
“From the perspective of my six eyes, on the true immortal battlefield, Brother Kong can sweep them all by himself!” said the six-eyed golden cicada.
Wang Xuan smiled, feeling calm.
He was thinking, whether there was Gu Ming, the man in gray from the Bronze Giant Palace, in this incident, whether he had contributed to it, or whether he had followed the trend and designed