The canopy of the Qilin chariot suddenly glowed with red light. The canopy whirled and whirled, flew up from the car, and turned into a giant umbrella, like a canopy. It folded down to protect the three people and two Mo Qilin in the chariot.

A terrifying storm came, as if an unparalleled demon god was attacking the Qilin chariot. The pearls under the canopy had turned into stars all over the sky. Suddenly, the stars were seen in chaos, and then they condensed and turned into a river of stars, flying upwards like a huff. The stars were swallowed up by an abyss!
Xu Ying raised his head, his scalp was numb at the sight, but he saw several bright pearls as big as castanopsis flying up and falling into the sky canopy, turning into several rounds of sun and bright moon, lighting up the sky.
But the next moment, the sun and moon were devoured one after another!
However, now, under the attack of Demon God Napan, the canopy was almost dismantled in a short period of time!
Little Tianzun met his questioning gaze, hesitated, and said: “Don’t resist. He will vent his anger and pass. If you resist, he will become more energetic and want to settle old scores with you 48,000 years ago. I have experience.”
Xu Ying originally planned to take action and fight with this Demon God Pan, but when he heard this, his heart suddenly thought: “It’s the blessings accumulated back then! Wait a minute, what does Little Tianzun mean when he says he has experience? Has he been here before? Was he beaten by Demon God Pan here?”
The canopy forming the sky was smashed, and the sky light from outside the territory leaked out. The huge force of this blow made the treasure chariot tremble violently. The two Mo Qilin, who were as strong as Taoist Ji, were also suppressed by this force and whined. They could no longer control their body shape and fell from high altitude with the Qilin chariot rolling and rolling.
Little Tianzun did not panic and ordered Zhou Yashu: “Hold on tighter, don’t be thrown away.”
Zhou Yashu’s face turned pale, and he quickly grabbed the bronze handle of the canopy. The chariot, the unicorn and the chariot hit the top of a mountain, rolled over, and crashed into the forest!
Then he crashed into an abnormal area of ??immortality from the mountain forest. He was knocked out of the abnormal area and fell into a body of water.
The two Mo Qilin were injured and struggled hard to pull the treasure chariot out of the water.
Little Tianzun helped Zhou Yashu unlock the immortality mutation on his body. When he hit the abnormal area of ????the immortality just now, Zhou Yashu’s cultivation was weak and was contaminated by the immortality. In a short period of time, his body and soul underwent mutation, becoming neither human nor ghost.
Two ink unicorns pulled the chariot and fled. A whistling sound was heard from behind, but the canopy of the chariot was filled with holes and was thrown out while spinning!
/“Jump up.” Little Tianzun reminded the two Mo Qilin and said.
/The two black unicorns stepped on the auspicious