t can deal with top powerhouses, and its power is terrifying.

Shang Yi’s face was gloomy. He felt very dreamy and bizarre. Instead of benefiting from this face, he was surrounded and suppressed?
This group of people didn’t listen to his explanation and were unreasonable at all. They were really overbearing, even worse than he was back then.
/Shang Yi activated the feathered flag, split the starry sky, and the royal treasure rushed out. Even the vast starry sky and the long distance were nothing in front of this black flag.
Even though they were separated by a natural chasm, he could still take one step and teleport to them. With astonishing murderous intent, Shang Yi waved his feathered banner and struck at these people ruthlessly.
“No, it turns out to be a prohibited item. Let’s go!” The faces of the group of people changed and their voices were trembling. They never expected that an extraordinary person who had not yet become a stranger would have such a religious-suppressing thing in his hand. Incredible.
“You still say it has nothing to do with Wang Yusheng? He is definitely his heir, a relative he values ????very much, and he may be his biological son!”
Shang Yi had a gloomy face and felt unhappy in his heart. He wanted to curse and sell hemp batches. Before he could do anything, he had an extra father? unlucky!
“Escape!” The group of people trembled.
It’s useless to say anything now. The most important thing is to escape. Facing this kind of forbidden weapon, even an extraordinary giant ship is useless. It is a treasure that involves the rules of the avenue.
The battleship was like a cluster of fireworks. Earth-shattering explosions occurred one after another in this place. Even though it was as powerful as a flagship, it could not escape. It was chopped into pieces by Shang Yi with his feathered flag and exploded into cosmic dust.
There was also the top paper man who was close to the alien on the paper boat. He also disintegrated in an instant and was beaten to ashes by the Feathered Banner.
Shang Yi only left one person alive. After searching the soul, without saying a word, he rushed to the secret strongholds of the Paper Temple and the Tattoo Palace, and then went to silence him.
He cut through space and was close to the Death Star in an instant, and then the entire planet exploded.
Soon, he reached the next place and completely destroyed it.
However, he was still sullen, feeling that it was too difficult to pass the level and he was in all sorts of troubles.
He went far away, leaving this starland and entering a more desolate area. Time waited for no one. He was about to break through the barrier and could no longer delay. His body and spirit were both prepared.
“That’s it?” Wang Xuan was disappointed. Those people came in a fierce manner, but were killed. It can only be said that the prohibited items are too scary.
Without hesitation, he woke up Yu Daoqi and followed.
Under the new starry sky, Shang Yi touched his face. He felt that this young face was very ominous, and som