he opponent surrounded him and attacked one after another, and was gathering momentum.

“Get down!”
Not wanting to waste time, he swung the iron rod and blasted the void of the dojo imagined by the other party, causing Kuji Ridge to collapse at dusk and then collapse.
Then, the iron rod fell and the man’s arm exploded.
The next moment, the man’s head disappeared like a broken watermelon, and his body turned into a ball of blood mist.
The people in the Kuji Ridge Dojo were slightly silent. Up until now, this Sun Wukong had behaved a bit abnormally. With only dozens of moves, he defeated a master in their True Immortal Realm?
Someone saw it more clearly. Sun Wukong seemed to have been distracted just now. Otherwise, the battle would have ended faster.
However, the man was not killed. His soul was wrapped in blood mist and he immediately escaped after recovering.
“He should have broken the limit three times!” A senior disciple reminded everyone.
The next moment, someone walked up directly, wearing retro clothing, red armor, and a helmet.
Some people were speechless. Did some rumors in this world really affect the disciples of the True Saint Dojo? When fighting Sun Wukong, you need to protect your head.
Wang Xuan said: “It seems that you know something about me and came here wearing a helmet. If I were you, I wouldn’t play.”
/“You bastard!” the visitor said directly as he approached.
In an instant, Wang Xuan’s face turned dark. He couldn’t bear it. He said in a cold voice: “This is your way to death. Even wearing a helmet is useless!”
“It’s just a matter of tossing around in this world, but you dare to show off in front of the True Saint Dojo, especially if you are a newly promoted True Saint Dojo. Having a disciple like you is just bad luck.”
After the young man wearing red armor came over, he scolded him first.
Wang Xuan stopped talking and started hitting with his stick. He kept a straight face from beginning to end, which made many people in the dojos on both sides want to laugh.
However, the one who laughed the most cheerfully was Sword Fairy. She went even further than the people in Kuji Ridge. She didn’t hide her laughter and let everyone in the other camp hear it.
Although Wang Xuan was determined to kill here, he still paid attention to his sense of proportion and exercised some restraint to avoid being too shocking.
But he didn’t persist much. After more than twenty moves, this limit-breaking prodigy, who had broken the limit more than three times, exploded his helmet with a pop.
“The quality of the helmet you are wearing is too poor. Change it to a better one next time. Forget it, there will be no next time for you!” Wang Xuan said.
The moment the helmet of this powerful true immortal was shattered, cracks also appeared in his body, spreading throughout his body.
With a pop, Wang Xuan’s iron rod was as fast as lightning and pierced directly into his body, saying: “A shit-stirring stick, is that it?”
He stirred it a little and let the person explode completely, disintegrating even be