didn’t want to do it himself, so he immediately contacted Xuankong Ling and went directly to Ling Qingxuan, preparing to borrow a knife to kill people, while his clothes were not stained with blood and he was aloof.

In the villa, the senior officials looked unhappy. They had just finished the banquet here and were sending invitations over there. Who was this for? Moreover, he realized that there were other people’s eyes and ears in Zhuangzi, and he wanted to investigate carefully and kill every one he found who was a rip-off.
“It’s better to go and see him. Don’t offend him first. Listen to what he has to say.” Chang Qing suggested. He told him that the person’s hatred will be repaid. If you don’t go, you may be directly hated.
Chang Qing said that he also wanted to go to Liuhua River, but he didn’t want to go too far.
Wang Xuan nodded, it doesn’t matter, if you really want to provoke him, when we meet in hell, I promise to beat him to death!
In the city, Chang Ming got the news and said: “Oh, he has gone to the appointment and has already left? Unfortunately, he woke up a little late. However, I still go over and take a look. After all, he is an incredible genius. Really If he changes his mind and joins my side, I’d better give him a chance.”
Liuhua River, a broad river, flows in front of the city. It is the most famous beauty here. In fact, the city is named after it.
At night, the entire river is glowing slightly. There are many boats and lanterns hanging on the river, which complement the bright moon and stars in the sky.
The sound of silk and bamboo and the singing of female fairies float on the river like a huge lake. The night here is very soft and easy to get intoxicated.
In fact, under the hazy night, there are many extraordinary people who come here, because some of those paintings and fairy boats are real fairies.
In addition to the night singers and dancing fairies who make a living from this, there are also truly profound religious preachers who often hang out here.
It is reported that many Taoist traditions in Liuxia Star Territory emphasize entering the world first and then being reborn. The practice method is special and requires walking in the world of mortals.
Chang Qing smiled and said: “Brother Taoist, if you don’t compose a poem, maybe you can attract a peerless female fairy and take the initiative to invite you to board the ship.”
Before Wang Xuan could respond, he heard a female fairy singing acapella on a fairy boat not far away: “When will the bright moon come? Ask the blue sky for your wine.”
/He listened intently, and someone on the other side was singing: “The belt will get wider and you will never regret it.”
/Further away is: “It used to be difficult to change the sea”
Wang Xuan was a little speechless. These are probably the “works” of Zhong Cheng, a talented poet, right?
Sure enough, Zhong Cheng was very embarrassed and said, “In order to drink the real immortal wine, I had to work as a copycat many times.”
Then he said calmly: “However, I don’t have any romantic affai