move was to lean against the mountain and hit Wang Xuan’s palm. Xuan Tian smiled, thinking that the battle was over.

However, the next moment, his expression froze, and he ran out with a loud cry, faster than lightning.
Even so, he heard a click, and a crack appeared on the white turtle’s back, and a piece was broken into pieces. He grinned in pain, and a stream of blood came out from behind, staining the white turtle shell red.
“It’s too fierce.” He turned to look at Wang Xuan, with a complicated look on his face, and sighed: “As powerful as I am, even if I return to the state of a true immortal, I can’t defeat you. There are not many people in the immortal realm under the starry sky. He is your opponent.”
Although he failed, he was not ashamed or angry at all. Instead, he changed his direction and praised himself.
/Everyone watching the battle couldn’t stand Xuanwu Beast. Although they knew that he was extremely strong and extremely fierce, he still praised himself so much.
In fact, Wang Xuan felt that this turtle was indeed very powerful. Although his words were a bit exaggerated, they were not too exaggerated. Others did not see the truth clearly, but he experienced it personally. This turtle was on the road of becoming a Taoist. The turtle text is very strong!
However, the two of them had a tacit understanding, and neither of them revealed the secret. No one mentioned or disclosed the matter of imperial transformation.
“Brother Gui’s future achievements are limitless.” Wang Xuan nodded.
“Brother, my name is Xuantian. You are so powerful. Even in the legendary and ethereal True Saint Realm, your name may appear in the future.” Xuanwu Beast sighed.
To outsiders, the two of them were exchanging business blows.
Some people looked at each other and felt speechless.
Of course, there were also a few people with solemn expressions. For example, Ye Lin and Zhuo Yanran looked at each other silently, and the black crane stood there in a daze.
“Sister, there is no way to reach it. His Taoism has improved again. He is not necessarily weaker than you back then. He may compose a new legend. He must be the strongest true immortal among the anglers near the foreign sea. I think he can be found in the Golden Book and Jade Book Leave your real name on it.” Zhuo Feifan said.
However, what surprised him was that Lu couldn’t help but look at him and his cousin Zhuo Yanran, and walked towards Lu Renjia, very excited, and bowed.
“Me!” Zhuo Feifan was dumbfounded. What happened to the strongest true immortal he had worked so hard to invite?
What kind of twist is this? The strongest true immortal he invited turned around and went to greet Lu Renjia.
Then, Zhuo Feifan discovered that Lu could not enter the battlefield of the Golden Book and Jade Book, and looked at him a few times to explain to Lu Renjia.
“Hiss!” He felt his teeth clogging even when he took a breath. The supreme immortal he invited actually turned around and surrendered to the enemy, selling him out.
“Is this the person you invited?” Zhuo Yanran glanced