ld still vaguely see the blue moon disk, as if it was very close to the ground.

“Wet tongue, are you giving me a bath, or do you want to brush beef?” The bull demon was afraid and hateful, and felt disgusting at the same time.
In the fog, Wang Xuan never came close to the light. The two seemed to maintain a constant distance, unable to get closer. The fog became thicker and thicker, and he seemed to be getting further and further away from the real world.
He stopped and no longer approached. Instead, he moved the truth, trying to turn the imaginary into the real, and evolve the light in the fog in front of him.
Then he found that he had succeeded. He was covered by a faint light, which also made the fog in front of him much lighter. The light in the distance was still hazy, still there, sacred, distant and transcendent.
Wang Xuan turned falsehood into truth, seemingly catching ripples of light and covering himself.
He looked back and saw a small city covered in decaying dust in the present world, as well as several demons and fairies, and even saw some strange creatures.
For example, a big bloody tongue does not grow in the mouth, and does not even have a body. There is only the tongue itself, licking the bull demon.
“Wanderers should be driven away. Being so close to the small town will not affect this place.” Wang Xuan frowned. He read the scriptures on the withered yellow paper, as if he was drifting outside the world, but his roots should still be there.
What surprised him was that after he opened his mouth, where he looked, the big bloody tongue was affected by the ripples of light here. It shattered with a pop and dissipated outside the small city. Then his place was extinguished and darkness fell.
(Correction, the woman in black photographed in the previous chapter should be Shaohua.)
The ripples formed by the light were astonishingly lethal. As Wang Xuan looked, the alien monster’s tongue shattered and disappeared.
Wang Xuan stood in the mist, a little lost in thought, recalling the feeling just now, and realized it again, and he should be able to use it next time.
/“Transforming reality into nothingness is reflected in the attempts and application of techniques.” He concluded.
He felt a little tired mentally. His seemingly random attack just now consumed a lot of energy, mainly because the level of Dao Yun involved was a little too high.
This withered yellow paper is very mysterious. At present, he has difficulty in tracing its roots and determining its origin.
“Huh?” He wanted to recreate that technique, but found that his spiritual power was not enough to create another “ripple of light”.
Although he hasn’t fully tested the attack just now, he is sure it is a killer move, but he was unable to execute it consecutively in a short period of time.
He stood in the heavy fog, looking at the misty, hazy, distant light that was out of touch with the world. He knew that he couldn’t get close to it at the moment.
“How do you feel?” Wang Xuan asked the strange object on his mobile phone. He was in