ed and helped Lu Xi progress from being a poor boy to a dead man.

So far, no coffin has been unveiled.
Xing Li shook his head repeatedly. As the demon thought that Lu Bei had cut off, he had the same shameless streak. He opened his mouth and shut his mouth, and was very satisfied with his identity as a prisoner.
/I don’t want more than a hundred magic weapons, just treat them as greeting gifts, just be a little considerate, Brother Bei, don’t dislike them.
“It’s not bad. I’m quite conscious. Open the way ahead and offer all the opportunities I find.” Lu Bei kicked his legs and drove Xing Li out with one kick.
As the saying goes, no matter what happens, luck is not generally good.
Xing Li was kicked on the butt, and his head was hanging down in despair. At first glance, he looked disheartened and had no hope for the rest of his life.
In fact, it was not the case. The ferocity in his eyes remained unchanged. He was just a prisoner. If he didn’t reach the bottom, how could he talk about the peak? He wanted to eat up all the Lu Bei family’s dog food on his own.
As the camera turned, several people passed through the fog and arrived at a new world.
Lu Bei was very upset when he lost Zhunti, but compared to the opportunity he lost, he was more afraid that Zhunti would get a huge opportunity, which would be even more uncomfortable than killing him.
Soon, Xing Li relied on his dog’s sensitive nose and good luck to be able to pick up big treasures wherever he went, and threw them out of the cave in a barren mountain.
I don’t know which immortal’s dojo the cave is. Because the spiritual energy has dissipated, the mountain guarding formation has long since withered. The writing on the stone wall is blurred and invisible, and the elixirs and herbs placed there have turned into mud.
The only treasure that catches the eye is a four-legged alchemy furnace. The accumulated medicinal residue is as hard as bricks. The spiritual energy is gone and the divine light is not visible. It is only one kick from Lu Bei before it is scrapped.
“It’s weird, this time it’s an immortal dojo. It was obviously a monk’s temple before.”
Lu Bei stroked his 1.2-meter-long dog’s head and looked intently at the limp Xing Li. When he thought about it again, he felt even more regretful.
Zhunti should not be let go. This person has an extraordinary destiny and great luck. He may rise after this trip to the secret realm.
Thinking of the Monk Temple, Lu Bei stopped his losses in time and looked at Lu Dong with raised eyebrows: “You and Lu Xi are traveling together. You must have encountered many big treasures along the way. Take them out and take a look. Don’t worry, I will take a look. , will not take anything by force.”
Bah, where did you get your face from?
Lu Dong was disdainful and said that he had not encountered any chance treasures, not even a single one.
“Haha, take the initiative to take it out while this sect leader is talking nicely. When I start to reason, the little monk won’t be able to protect you.” Lu Bei said coldly, stro