irmed that he disappeared along with the wonders of dusk!”

“Have a good death. I originally planned to eradicate him as soon as possible regardless of the cost. Otherwise, if he continues to break through and becomes the ultimate alien, he will be in great trouble!”
People from the Paper Temple, Time Sky, Guixu and other camps all smiled after talking about it. This ending was perfect. They didn’t have to waste their own resources, let alone have a headache.
Hell, a super-peerless area, Fang Yuzhu is preparing to cross the area, try to pick up Lao Zhang, and escape back to the world together.
In the sea of ????stars in the present world, Wu Liuji stepped forward, preparing to find an entrance and enter hell.
Just when all parties were restless and in different moods, a thunderbolt flashed across the depths of hell, a vortex of chaos appeared, and Wang Xuan and Yu Daoqi fell out.
“What’s going on, so many cows and horses?” Yu Daoqi looked at the distance, a large area of ??darkness, the hell army was running wildly, like a surging tide.
It is also a creature that has seen big scenes, but it is rare to see so many extraordinary creatures overwhelming the sky, roaring and shouting to kill Zhentian.
“I guess they originally wanted to encircle me, but ended up blocking Lao Zhang and the others. Don’t let anything happen.” Wang Xuan’s expression changed, and he felt heavy and worried.
He chased it all the way!
“Is your injury okay?” Yu Daoqi asked.
In the duel with the holy object, Wang Xuan was left with many terrible wounds, bone fractures, blood holes that penetrated the body, bloody gashes that almost tore the body, the inner armor was broken, and he was covered in blood.
Then, he went out and strangled the hell army, trying to find Fudaoniu and Lao Zhang.
Yu Daoqi reminded: “Take it easy, there are all kinds of weird things in hell, didn’t I tell you, don’t touch the half of the must-kill list, there may be serious problems!”
Wang Xuan nodded and said: “I know, go save people first. You don’t have to worry about me, go back to the back of the land of life, and help me watch and suppress those holy objects!”
/He slashed out with two swords in succession. The blood in front of him surged, the earth turned red, and a large number of monsters and prowlers were killed!
Like a bolt of thunder, he pierced through and rushed forward.
Wang Xuan was in a bad mood, mainly because he watched helplessly as the strange mobile phone fell into the turtle shell funnel, changed life and death, and left this world.
Even though he had a great harvest today and picked up a lot of prohibited materials and sacred objects, these were nothing compared to the rare items on his mobile phone.
He is very murderous now!
“Fu Sheng, where are you, come here!” He was using the “you” tactic, trying to reveal the Fu Dao Ox Tool, and even if he couldn’t bring it to his eyes, he still had to determine its location.
“Master Zhang, did you hear it? Someone seems to be shouting to us?” One of the cows was running away, covered in blood,