till walking corpses without self-awareness.

They were affected by the underworld and the ancient battlefield, and they only knew how to kill and seize other people’s souls and Yang Qi. Now when they encountered someone more ferocious, they fled in fear.
Wu Tianzun strode into the broken door with a roaring sound in his throat.
He uttered a simple pronunciation and looked up at the top of the mountain.
When Xu Ying came to the mountain col, he saw the fairy tree full of auspiciousness, with a few red fruits hanging among the branches and leaves. Under the tree, there were several giant corpses, one of which was a human corpse. It looked like he was a disciple of Li Xiaoke.
Half of his body expanded rapidly, but the other half did not expand with it, causing his body to explode and die.
The other half of his giant body is extremely powerful, possessing the Taoist form of an ancient giant beast!
“The energy in this fairy fruit is too terrifying, and the power of the Dao Xiang is too strong. As a result, the physical bodies of Qi Refiners and Ghosts and Gods cannot withstand this power, and they explode and die.” Xu Ying looked at the other corpses and thought to himself.
There are innate Taoist phenomena flowing in the red fruit. If you take this elixir, you can naturally understand the magical powers in the fruit.
/One of the fruits contains thunder, and in the thunder stands a person with the head of a bird and a human body, with two wings on his back.
This is a Taoist phenomenon. If you take this fruit, you can transform into a god with the head of a bird and the body of a bird, possess extraordinary divine power, and control the thunder.
“This kind of innate magical power cannot be controlled independently. I’m afraid that after changing, I won’t be able to change back.”
/Xu Ying hesitated for a moment. If he wanted to pick the fruit, he had to break the auspicious energy before he could approach the fairy tree and pick the fairy fruit.
At this moment, there were roars from the mountain, iron chains rattled, and the mountain trembled violently. Xu Ying looked up and saw that at the top of the mountain, five-colored light erupted again, spewing into the sky like a volcano!
And the jade coffin rose higher, and half of the coffin could already be seen!
Vaguely, it seems that a figure can be seen lying in the coffin!
In the sky, the light emitted by the immortal corpses caused cracks to appear in the sky, which was shocking. Another world could be vaguely seen from those cracks!
Xu Ying could even see another world outside the sky, where a stalwart figure was shrouded in fairy light, using his fairy power to activate a strange method, casting spells across a world, and suppressing the jade coffin!
A strange bird song sounded in Xu Ying’s ears, as if there were countless birds chirping in his ears. His consciousness, vitality, and golden elixir suddenly fell silent, without any signs of activity.
Any sign of the great path he had comprehended now became dim and unclear.
The six sec