s about the two people behind Tianzhao and Feixie. Who are they? Many extraordinary people have guesses and associations, but they don’t match up with famous people in history.

“I’m afraid only the True Saint knows this.”
Finally, someone revealed the answer. The master of the Temple of Agelessness has become a stranger in the 6th century. If the years before the stranger are added, he has survived in the 7th century!
“Going back seven centuries in history, there was a generational prodigy who studied the “Gemini Sutra” and split himself into two, named morning and evening respectively. Both bodies became the Ultimate Limit Breaker. There are rumors that , if they were united, they would be the ultimate limit-breakers. In the extraordinary central world of that era, they were all extraordinary people with great ambitions. Unfortunately, in an accident, they both died.”
After this identity was revealed, people were in an uproar. If these two people reappeared in the world, once they became one, would they be the ultimate limit-breakers?
Earlier, people never thought that these two young men with different looks were actually the same person.
“Morning and dusk are actually twin bodies, and they merge into one to become the ultimate boundary breaker. They are not exposed in the wonders of dusk. It’s so tolerable.” Even Niu Bu was amazed.
At first, Leng Mei’s expression changed. It was really terrifying that the ultimate limit-breaker in history was once an extremely strange person.
However, she thought about it and felt a little relieved, because she knew that Wang Xuan was the only one in the 17th century who had broken the limit 6 times. There was probably no one in the Old Saint era before the 17th century!
However, the outside world does not know this.
/“The trouble is big now. Wujie Mountain’s advantage in the heaven-level field has been completely lost, and Kong Xuan will be bloody targeted!”
From the outside world, various interpretations and analyzes have come out.
Under normal circumstances, Wujie Mountain’s advantage in the heaven-level field will collapse.
In people’s eyes, Kong Xuan, who has always been strong and invincible, may be hunted mercilessly!
Because, according to various existing clues, this is the reality.
In the Death Star Sea, deep in the mist, Wang Xuan’s true body suddenly opened his eyes. He successfully broke through the barrier and officially arrived at the 8th level of heaven!
At the same time, his eyes were intertwined with the texture of the royal path, and his gaze was like thunder, looking towards the light source in the deepest part of the fog.
“Heaven Level 8!” Wang Xuan finally reached this level. His spirit and flesh were continuously washed away by layers of light. His form and spirit were all transparent, and the texture of the imperial way covered his body.
He is now ethereal and detached, like a god resurrected or a true saint reincarnated. There is a natural Taoist charm to his movements, restrained but powerful.
The light on his body was faint and not dazzl