always watched by the old Snail Saint’s eyes.

In the end, even these directions seemed to be distinguished by the old Luosheng.
It can be seen that during this period, the old snail saint looked towards the depths of the outer sea more and more frequently.
Suddenly, at this time, an old and sad voice echoed between heaven and earth.
In an instant, the originally somewhat clear secret was completely disrupted.
Old Luo Sheng frowned, and finally turned his gaze away, returning to the battlefield. But in the midst of the flash of lightning, the ancestor of the Xie family from Tiantai Daocheng took action, sacrificing a sword from the air. A nine-section bone nail covered with traces of patina disappeared from the zenith of the Five Elements Sect leader until it penetrated into the vertebrae.
With this Dingding blow, the life of the old headmaster of the Five Elements Sect was crucified!
The old headmaster’s shrill and mournful voice, the last remaining thing left in the world, was still swirling in the air outside the sea.
Suddenly, as the nine-jointed bone nail was pulled out, the figure of the ancestor of the Xie family stepped on the rolling water vapor and stood in the vast layer of clouds.
At this moment, the ancestor of the Xie family, who sacrificed his magical weapon and struck the final blow, attracted all the attention of the world.
A whale falls and everything comes into being.
The death of a great monk in the Golden Core Realm, especially the death of an old master of the Five Elements Sect, is destined to “create” many things with his life.
Earlier, all cultivators took action, now it’s time to grab their due share.
Therefore, the ancestor of the Xie family, who was the one who struck the cauldron, took action at the last moment, but he was responsible for the reputation of life and death. At this time, he was the first to take action.
In an instant, another handprint fell from the air, and in an instant, the nine-section bone nail that had been sunken from the zenith was suddenly extracted from the old headmaster’s corpse.
But when you look carefully, the nine-section bone nail hole is shining in the sky, but there is no vague flesh and blood on it. It seems that after the bone nail is pressed into the body, it has penetrated into the other side of the illusory world. Same.
/But the nine-section bone nail didn’t seem to be contaminated by anything.
The patina became darker, and a succession of dark lights wandered from the nine-jointed bone nails.
Even, with the influx of vitality and evil spirit, strands of black smoke of death were further revealed, lingering on the nine-section bone nail.
Such an extremely dark appearance, when others look at it, they may not be able to see it normally, but for the great monks in the golden elixir realm, they can see it very clearly.
/The nine bone nails sank from the top of the sky, penetrated the Niwan Palace of the old master, and broke through the spiritual platform. When the soul of the old master was shattered, the fragmented and pure mental powe