f them, plus the dojo behind them, what’s so scary?

In the Fighting Beast City, a dazzling lightning flashed across the sky, leaving many people’s minds blank. It was the shadow of the supreme monster moving.
Even if it is not the true body of the true saint, it is still so terrifying.
Without the protection of prohibited items, or if it is not a stranger, the soul of the extraordinary person will be “frozen” at this moment, and the thinking in the brain will come to a standstill.
This is the supreme creature. Its gestures and gestures are far beyond the comparison of creatures in other realms. With a single thought, it can destroy countless creatures of an extraordinary civilization.
He headed towards Yun Shuhe, intending to kill him and save the spirit of the stranger hiding in the thunder shuttle in the Fighting Beast Palace.
The feathered flag roared, and the endless light rain rushed into the sky. It automatically rose to the limit, and condensed with Yun Shuhe to fight against the shadow of the true saint.
At the same time, the health furnace temporarily abandoned the stranger who was suppressed by it and was holding a broken prohibited item, and followed to block the shadow of the supreme monster.
At the critical moment, it did not let go. Although it had said before it came that it did not want to face the True Saint or be sent away, but when the critical moment came, it took action directly and was no longer in a state of maintaining health.
In fact, Fang Yuzhu also took back the Mu Tian Bracelet, and then threw it suddenly, daring to hit the clone of the True Saint to rescue him.
In the field, only the killing formation diagram was left to protect her and Wang Xuan, and to fight against the stranger.
The shadow is indeed very strong, and it was differentiated from the true saint. However, it is not that easy for it to kill Yun Shuhe, because the three treasures of the mother universe have come over.
The feathered banner is very mysterious, and the woman in red appears directly in it!
/The health-preserving furnace clanged violently, and the furnace cover collided with the main body of the furnace, emitting a dazzling and bright imperial texture, impacting the shadow.
“Brother, I see that you didn’t go with them earlier. You were probably just here to help, right? It’s still too late to retreat now.”
The new man now persuaded Wu Liuji to leave the scene. This foreigner felt quite confident.
/With the clone of the True Saint here, the boat should not capsize. At present, even if Wu Liuji gave him an incomprehensible feeling, he was not very worried.
“A stranger from the Evil God’s Mansion?” Wu Liuji frowned and stood in the heavy fog. He had already changed his appearance and used a “big gold chain” to cover up the secret without revealing his true identity.
Because he is not in his own domain now, and when he really steps out to confront the enemy, he still needs to be careful to avoid causing trouble for the Demon Court.
“I think it’s time for your Evil God’s Palace to withdraw, so i