sun Shenghai smiled and said: “He probably doesn’t know that his Taiyi Sect is so powerful.”

Xu Ying laughed loudly: “If he knew, he would be shocked! Senior brother, please come back.”
Changsun Shenghai smiled slightly, stood up and left.
Xu Ying looked at his back and thought to himself: “As long as he stops and asks if you don’t want to know how big the strength gap between you and me is, I will answer yes!”
The fighting spirit surged in his heart, and his reason could not be suppressed.
/Changsun Shenghai kept walking and gradually moved away, but he could feel Xu Ying’s burning eyes and said in his heart: “As long as he calls out to “Senior Brother, stay here, I will stop and compete with him!”
The two men’s hearts were full of fighting spirit, but Xu Ying did not speak, and Changsun Shenghai did not stop either. Changsun Shenghai was walking further and further away, and suddenly Xu Ying said loudly: “Brother, stay!”
Changsun Shenghai paused. After a moment, he slowly turned his head and said with a half-smile, “Junior brother asked me to stay. Could it be that he wants to know how big the gap is between you and me?”
When the two people’s eyes met, thunder arose in the void, and thunder burst out from the void, making a crackling sound and swimming in the depths of time and space.
Xu Ying puffed up his breath, and the innate avenues such as Chaos, Hongmeng, Wuji, Taiyi, Reincarnation, Cause and Effect, and Killing emerged one after another behind him. Various avenues circled around, forming extremely bright caves and abyss!
In the Zhao Realm where disaster broke out, these eight caves and abyss were the brightest stars in the sky!
Even the calamity cave where Xu Ying was still cultivating emerged. The calamity is vast and contains a power that cannot be escaped by all things in the world, the avenue, all living beings, and even the entire universe!
Xu Ying was full of fighting spirit and turned his back to Tiandi Fengya Tower.
At the other end of the Fengya Tower, the four masters of the other side of the river watched this scene, each of them looking sullen.
They could not hear the conversation between Changsun Shenghai and Xu Ying. They could only see the two talking, but they had no way of knowing what the content of the conversation was.
However, Xu Ying’s exposure of the Eight Great Cave Abyss at this moment really shocked them. The eight great avenues represented by these eight great abyss were definitely not trivial, they were the eight supreme great avenues!
/Master Luo almost stood up from the car and lost his voice: “He has perfected all the nine innate paths except for the rumored avenue of annihilation! Does Taiyi himself know that Taiyi’s disciples are so strong?”
Dao Master Lin couldn’t hide the shock on his face and said: “Although he has practiced it, not all of the Dao has been cultivated to the point of attaining enlightenment. Wuji and Jie Yun have not attained enlightenment. But even so, this is amazing.”
As the earliest Tao masters on the other side, they know how