shimmered with silver light, illuminating their figures in every detail. Every stone and brick was the famous East China Sea Divine Mirror.

In terms of reputation, although it is not as famous as the Demon Suppression Monument of Dashan Temple, it is also sold abroad and is well received by practitioners in many countries.
The Divine Mirror of the East China Sea is a spiritual creature of heaven and earth, conceived in the place where dragon veins gather in the deep sea. It has only one function, it can illuminate the origin of all things.
No matter whether it is a human being or a demon, it is difficult to conceal one’s true nature under this mirror.
Of course, it is not absolute. If a monk who is too powerful deliberately disguises his heels, the Divine Mirror of the East China Sea will not be able to show them.
Xinyuehu is so powerful that he can defeat Han Miaojun in the Mahayana stage with just one clone. King Yuanji neither dares nor has the ability to lift the mask and get a glimpse of Xinyuehu’s true face.
Using the Divine Mirror of the East China Sea can only be said to be a helpless move.
It’s best if you can take a photo, but if you can’t take a photo, it’s a waste.
In the mirror, Xinyue Fox’s figure did not change much, and the gloomy facial features turned into a hazy mist. As he went deeper into the crystal avenue, the mist gradually melted away, and a face slowly became clear.
King Yuanji held his breath, the surprise came so suddenly, and he didn’t dare to take a breath for a while.
/Three steps later, Xinyuehu’s true appearance was revealed under the mask.
He has slender eyes, a thin face, and a standard villain’s face. Not to mention that he only appears once every few thousand years, but he is also the kind of person who will definitely get a box lunch in a few episodes.
King Yuanji:
Gu Yuanping:
Under Xinyuehu’s dull fake face, there is actually the same fake face.
In other words, this person put on two masks when he went out.
This old monster is obviously super strong but overly cautious.
“What kind of mirror is this? It’s interesting. Could it be the famous East China Sea Mirror?”
Lu Bei said cheerfully. Although he had little experience in cultivation, his family was quite big. There lived the almighty Tutor and Han Miaojun. Two women, no, three women gave advice and made many plans for him.
For example, how to conceal one’s identity? As soon as Lu Bei asked the question, Han Miaojun raised his head and spoke.
You need to be careful about the Divine Mirror of the East China Sea.
“The Xinyue Fox has good eyesight, so this is exactly what it is.”
“Add a stroke and weigh it as two thousand kilograms of the Divine Mirror of the East China Sea. I will take it away later.”
Gu Yuanping wanted to say that the East China Sea Divine Mirror was a scarce strategic resource, but she was in the crystal channel and she didn’t believe it.
I have no choice but to pinch my nose and admit it.
Fortunately, the problem is not big. Gu Zongchen was born in Xuantian Temple and was taught