rbidden method, which was still very difficult for him at the moment, but he didn’t care so much anymore and forced it to operate, and the mist outside his body became thicker in an instant.

Wang Xuan did not have direct contact with him, but still used Ma’s secret method to banish him again.
“Do you think you can always succeed?” Fu Ye really came out, disheveled and extremely wild. He was running the real Lu Po scriptures, which were passed down to him by Yun Ling, but he had difficulty using the relevant forbidden methods.
With a bang, he exploded into the deep space. This method and such overwhelming power caused the expressions of countless extraordinary beings to change.
Wang Xuan avoided it in advance.
Fuye was like a ghost, walking through the mist and the real world, catching Wang Xuan so fast that he once closed the distance.
Wang Xuan used the golden vortex with mist on his body, faster than him, then took a deep breath of Dao Yun, and a piece of paper appeared in his hand.
/In the past, when he was dealing with the remnants of the Dead Dao, he had used this most powerful weapon. When he turned into the leader, he changed the technique and turned paper into a furnace.
In order to prevent anyone from overthinking it, the piece of paper in his hand rotated and began to condense various runes, condensing many of his secret techniques and forbidden techniques into their most original symbols one by one.
This time, there are no fist lights, fairy swords, etc. on the Dao paper, only terrifying Dao marks intertwined, which is further original.
Wang Xuan held the Taoist paper and used the golden vortex with mist to attack and kill Fu Ye!
In a life-and-death showdown, the two show off their abilities. Finally, Wang Xuan broke into the heavy fog in Fuye, put the terrifying paper intertwined with Dao marks on his opponent’s body.
This blow caused Fushiye to explode in an instant, and the thicker mist instantly dissipated, and his flesh, blood, and spirit were shattered.
He was afraid that Fuye might be in danger if he took one step at night.
The single 6-breaker Fu Ye was defeated miserably!
The single 6-breaker Fu Ye was defeated. This was a ceiling-level confrontation between different myth sources. The extraordinary person at the center of the No. 2 myth was first quiet, and then in chaos.
They have a sense of loss, which then manifests itself in words and emotions, in an intense state.
Quite a few people know that Fuye broke through the world very early in a way that ordinary people can’t imagine. He was gifted with divine qualifications, was valued by the boss Yun Ling, and was given the scriptures about breaking through the world.
Such a single six-destroyer who has rarely appeared in many eras, he actually lost.
Center 1 is also very chaotic, with all kinds of noises, and people’s moods also fluctuate violently. However, contrary to the general atmosphere of Center 2, many people here are smiling.
In the super-class collision between two mythical sources, their side won a big victory. This w