ce of the daughter’s house has accumulated for hundreds of years, it is concealed and restrained by techniques, and there is no possibility of being noticed.

But Lu Bei could smell it.
The reason is unknown, probably because the Winged Clan are attracted to each other, otherwise there is no way to explain it.
The edge of the fist broke through the space, and Lu Bei violently tore open the black crack. In the distance, he saw the flying Xin Lijun moving very quickly, and he immediately waved his hand:
“What are you doing standing there in a daze, surround me, don’t let me run away, little lady.”
The three dog-legged swordsmen chased after them. Lu Bei followed up slowly, with great doubts in his heart.
Xiongchu paid a lot of money to redeem Lord Xinli and King Xinxian. It stands to reason that he would not do anything during this period, so why did he send people here again?
If you think the money is too much, just tell him directly.
“There must be a conspiracy”
The red light travels thousands of miles in an instant.
The Fire Wings continuously knocked away the void, repeatedly alternating between reality and reality. Almost in the blink of an eye, they threw away Zhan Hongqu and Wang Yan. Only Lian Lin clung to the red tail flame.
Taking the average value, the speed of the sword cultivator is second to none, but when it comes to being top-notch and top-notch, the sword cultivator is not at the top of the rankings.
In a pure speed competition, the demon cultivator is the winner.
Lord Xinli possesses the pure bloodline of the Xiongchu royal family. He is a standard human race and is not a demon cultivator. Because of his special cultivation techniques, which can imitate the magical power of the phoenix dancing in the nine heavens, his speed is far faster than that of monks in the same realm.
But say it quickly
She had a physical exchange with Lu Bei once, and reluctantly admitted that Lu Bei’s speed was not inferior to hers.
The haunting bastard, why is he everywhere?
/Lord Xinli secretly screamed, flapped his wings and accelerated into the void, once again widening the distance between him and Lian Lin.
People are unlucky and can fall into a pit twice in a row.
When they were in Yuezhou, Lord Xinli and King Xinxian teamed up to join forces with the Tianjian Sect to disrupt Yuezhou and search for the royal family’s lost artifact, the Xuanzhu Bow.
The result was not very friendly. Both missions ended in failure. He was also captured by the Wuzhou royal family and lost all face.
This time when I came to Yizhou, I didn’t want to stir up trouble. The whole process was low-key and silent, just to track down the whereabouts of Xuan Zhu Gong.
After repeated confirmation, the last time Xuan Zhu Gong showed its presence was in Yizhou.
Who holds the Xuanzhu Bow and who he is fighting with has not yet been ascertained. It is only known that the two warring parties have cultivation levels in the Void Refining Realm. They fought in the small world of Evolution. The battle was fierce, and the Xuanzhu Bow leaked