fishing guy to chase Qin Ziyou.

“With just one shot, my sect leader can catch a fish and leave. It won’t take much time.”
Lu Bei insisted on his opinion: “You have also seen that the spirit carp has dragon beards, dragon horns, and golden dragon scales. It is clearly a thing of luck. Catching one back will definitely add a lot of beauty to the mountain gate.”
“Stop making trouble. You also said it was a thing of luck. How can I just let you catch it away casually?”
Zhu Xiushi pressed Lu Bei and persuaded him like a child: “There are also dragon fish in Wuzhou Royal Secret Realm. I have a pond outside my house. If you really want it, I will let you catch enough when you go to the capital.”
“It’s different. What kind of Wuzhou Luck Golden Dragon is it that can be compared with the Kunlun Mountains?” Lu Bei dismissed it.
“Loyal to the emperor and patriotic, Sect Master Lu, is this what you can say?”
“Don’t do this. Loyalty to the emperor and patriotism and telling the truth are two different things. Let alone delay my sect leader’s fishing.”
“Sect Master Lu, if you are interested, I can make the decision and give you a few arowanas.”
Qin Ziyou stopped. In recognition of Lu Bei’s qualifications, Aiwu and Wu also took great care of the Tianjian Sect. They took out a spirit beast bag and summoned the nine-tailed arowana to put it in.
Lu Bei thanked him happily, slapped away Zhu Xiushi’s outstretched hand, and swallowed the spirit beast bag in one gulp.
/The method of hiding things looked very much like that of a demon clan, which made Qin Ziyou feel uncomfortable.
/“Sect Master Lu, the old and ugly words are in front of you. Although the dragon fish has the ability to suppress luck, if it leaves the Kunlun Mountains, the power of the dragon veins in the body will slowly dissipate. You must find another source of qi to use to raise them.” Qin Ziyou reminded.
“Don’t worry, Elder Qin. How could Mr. Lu not know these basic common senses? To tell you the truth, I have the ability to slay and tame dragons. Whether it is a dragon of earth veins or a dragon of luck, I can use it for my own purposes and save the world.” Jian Zong will cut down a piece of Wu Zhou’s Luck Golden Dragon to raise fish.” Lu Bei said cheerfully.
Qin Ziyou:
Do you really understand?
Zhu Xiushi:
Wu Zhou’s Luck Golden Dragon is kept in the secret realm of the capital, and is guarded by dedicated personnel, so you can’t steal it.
Before arriving at the Treasure Pavilion, Lu Bei liked to mention the nine-tailed arowana. He felt that the trip was worthwhile and he also had a good impression of Qin Ziyou.
They both have the surname Qin, and they are all bad old men. The old salted fish from the Tianjian Sect who only knows how to farm and hold trees is far worse than Qin Ziyou.
When the three of them arrived at the gate of the Treasure Pavilion, a monk from the Holy Land blocked their way. Qin Ziyou took out the token, used a special formation-breaking technique, and left his soul mark as proof of identity, and then he was allowed to enter.