im in person, he still has the confidence to escape. Now, his moral conduct is not weaker than that of the first-generation Beast King who has broken through three major realms.

“What?!” Obviously, the name Wang Xuan is no stranger to the Lupo Nirvana Dojo. Even the golden giant guarding the mountain gate changed his expression after hearing it.
“Wait a minute, I’ll report it!” He turned around and disappeared, heading directly to the deepest part of the dojo to alarm the supreme beings.
Wang Xuan is very calm and confident. If the people in the Lupo Nirvana Dojo treat him as a friend, then they will truly be one of their own in the future. If something goes wrong, the previous friendship will have to be “lived” again.
/Soon, the sound of fairy music came from the Nirvana Dojo, and 15 colors filled the sky. In an instant, the golden crow crows, the Kunpeng spreads its wings, the red bird flies across the sky, and the phoenix dances for nine days, all flying together, paving a holy light avenue that spreads outside the mountain gate.
In an instant, a large group of people came out. The leaders were actually two true saints, and beside them were their acquaintances Yihui, Mingxuan, and junior sister Ling Han.
/Wang Xuan finally understood the atmosphere of Lupo Dojo. In other holy-level dojos, there was only one true saint, but here two people came directly.
He had heard before that the level 6 dojo belonged to the large camp at the true saint level and had a powerful foundation.
“We are here as a distinguished guest, Fellow Daoist Wang. It really surprises us that you have come to our mythical world.” A true saint came over with a smile and introduced himself as Mingyuan.
Another true saint is named Xuan He.
A large group of people gave Wang Xuan a very high level of courtesy. After all, the two true saints personally greeted him. Several acquaintances also came quickly and said hello in advance.
When Yihui and Mingxuan faced Wang Xuan, they did not feel alienated or alienated as they did at the end of the previous century.
“Senior brother Wang and brother-in-law.” Junior sister Ling Han was funny. Although the last two words were secretly shouted through spiritual transmission, some people present heard them.
Others respected Wang Xuan and showed no inexplicable hostility. Naturally, he smiled and walked over quickly, not really waiting for others to come over.
He greeted the two true saints, then looked at his acquaintance, and said with a smile: “We have been apart for hundreds of millions of years. I miss you so much.”
“You have successfully become a true saint? Congratulations!” Mingxuan sensed the changes in his Qi since they met. He definitely belongs to the supreme being.
When we parted ways in the past, Wang Xuan was just a false saint.
“As expected, Brother Wang is making great progress all the way.” Yihui also congratulated him, always feeling that his aura was much deeper than the normal True Saint’s aura.
“You’re almost here too, we’re all on the same journey.” Wang Xuan nodded with a smil