n with her main body at first. She only knew her true nature when she grew up. Therefore, she and Jing Jingqi became dark best friends, and they interacted with each other. Targeted, contested for many years.

Now An Jing Qi, Zhuo Yanran, Ye Lin and Wang Xuan are actually very familiar with each other, because they have all returned to Li Linzhen, but now it is just Li Lin who came to the moon as a clone after knowing about it.
It’s still the same island, with a group of people drinking. In the last century, they had lamented: I wonder if this scene will still be possible in the next century?
Now that they are together, they are already looking towards the next era.
The moonlight is hazy, Jing Jingqi, Zhuo Yanran, and Ye Lin are slightly drunk, dancing under the moonlight, very graceful.
Lu Wenfa was a cultivator. While drinking, he was thinking about a certain spiritual issue, and his mind wandered, and he suddenly had an epiphany.
Xuantian, Jin Yu, and Hei He drank too much, staggering around on the island holding wine bottles, paying homage to the next era, looking forward to the future, and longing for the fusion and unification of the six extraordinary sources.
Wang Xuan sat quietly, looking through the deep sky and staring at the future. It was so hazy and blurry that even a true king like him couldn’t see through it.
“In the new era, the footsteps chasing ‘Transcendent’ have not appeared. After so many years, where has it gone? It is not chasing the ancestors.” He said to himself.
“Little friend, you are here again. Can my true body be saved?” The island is actually the transformation of a stone turtle. It belongs to the remains of the old turtle that slept soundly in the old center. It once helped Wang Yusheng. , the “old body” here should extinguish the last ray of light of the soul, but never thought that it would still remain and revive.
“Wait, your true body is fine, it will appear in the next era.” Wang Xuan said.
When Shi Gui learned the true situation, he almost rolled up his arms and sleeves to settle the score with his real body. He was so lazy. He had delayed two epochs in a row and still slept without learning a lesson!
Time flies, and another three thousand years have passed. The new era has lasted for five thousand years, which is beyond everyone’s expectations, but certain signs have begun to appear.
For example, the waves of the extraordinary light waves are slightly violent, and the source occasionally shakes.
“When the six extraordinary sources are united, will it be the dazzling grand scene, or the boundless sea of ??fire, and the sword energy that is shaking the sky and the earth?” Wang Xuan sat in silence, his Taoism becoming more and more unpredictable.
Wang Xuan took out three stone slabs from the boat in the mist, released all the essence of the god’s flesh and blood and the light of the soul, and watched her merge into one.
Suddenly, God’s charm was different, and his aura, foundation, moral conduct, etc. were much stronger than before!
/Three thousand years ago, the cal