ane nature of the hostess.

That night.
Professor An held his wife in his arms and was sleeping soundly.
Suddenly a light flashed outside the window, followed by a dull thunder, accompanied by the patter of rain.
It’s raining.
Professor An suddenly woke up, looked out the window, and then stood up carefully.
He tiptoed out of the bedroom, without even having time to put on his clothes, and came to the door. The dog in the kennel, which seemed to have been awake, began to bark at Professor An.
“Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid.”
Professor An touched around on his right hand side, as if he was looking for an umbrella, but he couldn’t find it. He could only rush to the kennel in the rain and pick up the dog.
The rain is getting heavier.
Professor An used his body to shield the dog from the rain, carried it into his study, took out a blanket from a box, and wrapped the dog in it:
“It might be a little cold.”
He looked at the dog and smiled, but he sneezed.
The dog licked the back of his hand and whined, like a clumsy comfort.
in front of the screen.
The audience looked at this loving scene with stars in their eyes.
“Professor An is so kind.”
“It makes me feel good to see it.”
“Sure enough, dogs are true love.”
“Professor An, don’t catch a cold.”
“He turned his study into a doghouse. His tolerance for his wife is actually a form of respect. Such a man is really good.”
The relatively delicate female audience seems to be particularly touched at this moment, but Professor An’s personality charm gradually comes to the fore as the lines and temperament are combined with the creation of this plot.
This is a gentle, mature and kind man.
The dog spent a warm night in the study.
At seven o’clock in the morning, Mrs. An got up and found Professor An wearing glasses and reading a book on the sofa in the living room.
“Did you get up so early today?”
“It seemed like it rained yesterday.”
“A sneeze”
“you caught a cold?”
Mrs. An walked toward the door suspiciously, only to see the dog sitting quietly in the kennel wagging its tail at her.
It turned out that Professor An deliberately got up early just to take the dog back to the kennel early in the morning, so that his wife would not find out.
/He has a calm expression and superb acting skills, and his wife can’t see any flaws in him.
Staring at the courtyard after the heavy rain, and then at the dog, Mrs. An bit her lip, turned around and said:
“Take some cold medicine.”
“already eaten.”
“Will you be sent away today?”
“Will do.”
“It better be.”
The wife still didn’t want the dog to stay, so Professor An could only go outside to find the dog’s owner.
He posted flyers on the streets in the morning, went to pet shelters in the afternoon to inquire about information, and even contacted one of his friends who had pets at home to ask if they had any intention of raising a dog.
After a few days, I found nothing.
On the contrary, when Professor An’s daughter came to visit her parents at home, she was immediately attracted by