aling in the early and mid-term.

In the later stages, it can cause tears and depression.
And any movie that can achieve a certain effect to the extreme can transcend convention and cannot be ignored.
The vast majority of theater representatives have shown considerable interest in “Hachiko”.
After taking turns to negotiate.
Lao Zhou and the senior executives of Xingmang Film Department signed contracts with 90% of the theaters on site.
This means that the film schedule of “Hachiko” has been guaranteed at its most basic level.
It is impossible to fix the schedule of films. If the audience likes it, arrange more films. If the audience doesn’t like it, arrange less films, or even arrange them to be released later. This is the specialty of the theater chain.
Real and cruel.
But at the beginning of a movie’s release, it’s actually unknown what the audience’s preferences are, and theater chains can only judge based on the tastes of theater representatives. At this time, film scheduling is very important.
It can be said to be a battleground for military strategists.
Because sometimes, obviously good movies are buried in the market because of poor initial filming. There are many such examples. What Xingmang is doing now is to eliminate the possibility of movies being buried due to insufficient filming.
“What a great harvest!”
After bidding farewell to the theater representatives, Lao Zhou looked at the pile of contracts on the desk and showed a satisfied smile.
“Want to have a couple of drinks?”
“Okay, I watched the movie again and I’m still a little overwhelmed. I might as well have a couple of drinks.”
The senior executives of Xingmang’s film department were chatting and laughing.
The foundation has been laid very solidly, and the next focus is the publicity before the official release!
For the theater representatives who were invited to participate in Hachiko, it was an experience worth remembering.
This kind of experience cannot be brought about by most movie theaters.
But if you look at the entire Blue Star film and television market, the current impact of this movie can only be regarded as a small drop of water.
But it all depends on people.
In view of the high reputation of Xianyu’s first two films, the promotion of this film has indeed attracted more attention from the audience.
With the promotion, the movie also revealed more information.
For example, “Hachi the Dog” takes the route of touching people’s hearts.
For example, “Hachiko” has the flavor of an art film.
For example, the plot of “Hachiko” is very warm and healing.
for example
Spoilers are impossible.
Massive spoilers drive away viewers.
/You can’t tell the audience directly that this movie is about a dog who waited for his owner for ten years and finally died of old age in the waiting flower bed.
Promotions generally only include stills and posters, and use gimmicks such as “the most touching movie of the year” and “mutual redemption of humans and dogs” to attract audiences.
The established publicity will outline the public’s