ssassination, Lord Arthur borrowed the talent of the ‘Shadow Winged Dragon’ to take advantage of him and succeeded.

This is just a legend and has no basis in fact, but it is widely circulated among the followers of the evil god.
The main reason is that the ‘Shadow Winged Dragon’ is the mount of the servant of the ancient god, and it has a very special status in the hearts of the followers of the evil god. The evil god believers mythologize the terror of the ‘Shadow Winged Dragon’.
So when the fifth-level bishop Bunian mentioned silently following the fourth-level evil believers of Little Bowwater, the fifth-level bishop of Monsarat thought of Lord Arthur.
“Other fifth-level Templars are good at frontal combat. Only Lord Arthur is too weird to avoid being discovered by Little Bowwater!” Bishop Bunian nodded and said.
“How can you prove this? Then Lord Arthur is not easy to mess with!” Monsarat’s fifth-level bishop said in a deep voice.
Although ‘Twilight of the Gods’ wants to deal with Lord Arthur, the fifth-level bishop of Monsarat still does not want to take the initiative to provoke Lord Arthur without evidence.
Believers of the evil god do not need to rely on evidence to act, but they must also consider who the target is and whether it is worth paying a sufficient price.
They can’t just rely on a guess to deal with Lord Arthur. They also need to give the God of Death an explanation.
“Then ask the top nobles who can check the transmitted information for help!” Bishop Bunian said calmly.
“Who is willing to help us now?” The fifth-level bishop of Monsarat didn’t know much about the situation of ‘Twilight of the Gods’, so he bowed and asked for advice.
“Lord Amos contacted us through channels some time ago. If our guess is correct, then we have the same enemy as Lord Amos!” Bunian, the fifth-level bishop, broke the news.
This matter is the secret of ‘Twilight of the Gods’, and only the fifth-level bishop who presides over daily work knows about it.
The fifth-level bishop of Monsarat has just been promoted and has not yet been able to become a core member of ‘Twilight of the Gods’. This matter has not been heard.
“I’m going to meet with Lord Aimos!” The fifth-level bishop of Monsarat thought for a moment and said in a deep voice.
Although Lord Imos and Lord Arthur are mortal enemies, Lord Arthur has been looking for traces of Lord Imos. Lord Imos’s recent situation is very bad, which is why he has to contact ‘Twilight of the Gods’.
But it is still risky for the fifth-level bishop of Monsarat to meet Lord Aimos. No one can know whether this is a trap by the temple.
/In order to deal with the fifth-level bishop, the temple set up countless traps just to lure the fifth-level bishop into being fooled.
However, the fifth-level bishop of Monsarat is entrusted by the God of Death. He can only do his best to serve the God of Death, and some dangers are inevitable.
“Proceed with caution!” The fifth-level bishop Bunian did not reject the idea of ??the fifth-level bishop Monsarat. This is the most important thin