ion ceremony, especially Duke Arthur from the great world of God. It is my honor to have you here!” President Barnard said with a smile.

David smiled and nodded. He didn’t like the speech of a professional politician.
President Barnard’s next speech was full of infectious energy, and the crowd below kept applauding.
Only the senior officials sitting on the rostrum acted relatively reserved.
The speech lasted for an hour and a half, after which President Barnard took the oath of office at the Constitutional Ceremony, and the acting president handed President Barnard the presidential key, which symbolizes power.
After seeing and fighting real gods, worldly power had little influence on him.
/Generalissimo Andrei, who was sitting next to David, couldn’t help but feel strange after seeing David’s performance throughout the inauguration ceremony.
Logically speaking, in just one year, Duke Arthur went from being a baron to the title of duke. He should be a person who is passionate about power, but looking at Duke Arthur’s demeanor, he looks aloof from the world.
Marshal Andrei had seen the same look in another man, the equally outstanding David.
Of course, no matter how much Marshal Andre thought about it, he never regarded David and Duke Arthur as the same person, but only thought that they were equally excellent.
Although David is very strong, he is only very strong within the Interstellar Federation. He fights the third-level Zerg alone. David’s strength is well-known in the Interstellar Federation, and his name as the “Federal God of War” has made David a legend in the Federation. figure.
/But David’s strength is completely different on Duke Arthur’s side. Duke Arthur is a being who can fight head-on with the fifth-level Zerg. This kind of powerful knight is a top-notch force even in the divine world.
After the inauguration ceremony, there was a celebration reception, attended by senior officials from the federal government and the military.
This kind of high-end cocktail party is what David needs to attend.
The reception was held at the Federal Hotel, which is also the official hotel of Origin Star.
David did not communicate with the unknown federal senior officials in the hall. He sat in the lounge next to the hall, accompanied by Minister Chambers and Admiral Francis.
David’s mission this time was to have a meeting with President Barnard, which was a very formal diplomatic meeting.
After half an hour of waiting, President Barnard, who was in high spirits, walked into the lounge.
Behind President Barnard are two escorts who are responsible for translation.
“Duke Arthur, nice to meet you!” President Barnard squinted at Duke Arthur in front of him. To be honest, he didn’t like Duke Arthur.
This is not to say that President Barnard has any objections to Duke Arthur, but the reason why Duke Arthur and Generalissimo Andre are too close, and Duke Arthur takes action to save Generalissimo Andre.
David didn’t want to know about the filth in politics. He could also understand President Barnard’s dislike of