n. Then the relationship between Mooney Chaofan and Arthur’s father must be extraordinary, which can explain the equipment. The origin.

It’s just that Arthur’s biological father and Mooney Chaofan probably didn’t expect that the two pieces of equipment left behind would bring Arthur not wealth, but endless trouble.
David put the two pieces of extraordinary equipment into his space ring. He didn’t understand why Arthur didn’t use the space ring to store the two pieces of extraordinary equipment before. He was probably worried about exposing the space ring!
David’s mood is understandable. He and Arthur have many similarities. They both have their own secrets and have always wanted to protect them.
It’s a pity that Arthur is on the Origin Planet. It should be much safer than the Rock Planet where David is. There is no war and no dangers everywhere. However, Arthur is targeted by the crazy Dean Constable and ends up dead. fall from the sky.
After finding what Hayward Chaofan wanted, David also understood that Hayward Chaofan would not let go so easily.
Level 4 equipment is an extremely rare top-level equipment among extraordinary people. It is already the biggest dream for extraordinary people in the Interstellar Federation to obtain a level 4 weapon.
Not to mention that this fourth-grade epee has a special pattern on it. It is a ‘quasi-supernatural weapon’.
Coupled with the ‘extraordinary armor’ made of fourth-grade materials, it is enough to make any extraordinary go crazy.
/David didn’t know if Arthur had ever encountered this kind of thing before, but he knew that this kind of trouble would be his in the future.
David did not rest next, but came to the training room. In the morning, he only practiced the ‘Spirit Forging Gold Body Technique’ three times.
The skeleton of the Battle Angel brought him endless vitality, allowing him to almost escape from sleep. If his spirit hadn’t needed a rest, he could have stayed awake all night.
From seven o’clock in the evening, David began to practice, and seven times of the ‘Spirit Forging Gold Body Technique’ lasted until two o’clock in the morning.
David washed himself, slept for three hours, then got up, and then practiced the ‘Spirit Calming Gold Body Technique’ three times more.
Although no one could answer his questions, he clearly felt that he was getting closer to the extraordinary.
At nine o’clock in the morning, David drove the hover car and left the villa. When he entered the street, he once again felt the gaze of surveillance.
This time it was not Hayward who was extraordinary, but two strange men. They were divided into two hover cars, exchanging positions from time to time, just like ordinary people.
David understood that the tracking technology of these two strange men was professional. Their distance was concealed enough, and the monitoring time of the two of them was controlled very accurately, so that no one would feel abnormal and would switch places.
David ignored these two people. They could follow them if they wanted. He would probably make t