ofound connotations.

Strictly speaking, this novel is a fan of “Journey to the West”.
The author added secondary creations based on the original work.
For example, the character’s love line, which was barely involved in the original work, shines in “The Legend of Wukong”.
Star Master’s Journey to the West series and even the chapter on conquering demons also adopt this idea.
These interpretations have provided nourishment for Journey to the West Fever.
Now Lin Yuan also wants to use the enthusiasm of “The Legend of Wukong” to interpret the original work to increase publicity for the TV series.
There is an awkward place.
Although “The Legend of Wukong” is very classic, this is a Journey to the West fan after all.
/If Lin Yuan used Chu Kuang’s vest to write “Journey to the West”, it would be directly equivalent to the official interpretation.
This move immediately cut off 90% of the possible derivatives of the original work.
In the short term, the effect should not be bad, but in the long run, it will do more harm than good.
Let Xianyu write it?
Not quite right either.
The relationship between Xianyu and Chu Kuang is very special.
If Chu Kuang wrote “The Legend of Wukong”, the outside world would probably think:
Xianyu’s interpretation was inspired by Chu Kuang.
That’s not much different from the official interpretation.
The same can be said for shadow.
Previously, Lin Yuan wrote a song “Fairy Tale Town” using the identity of Xianyu. The lyrics touched the boundaries of dark fairy tales.
Some people think that Chu Kuang’s “Once Upon a Time” is inherently dark.
This was not Lin Yuan’s original intention.
So Lin Yuan was in trouble at this time.
But this is just a small annoyance. If you think a little more flexibly, you can think of a solution.
For example, open another vest!
Lin Yuan originally planned to open three vests, but many times, plans could not keep up with changes.
If he wants to write “The Legend of Wukong”, he must use a new vest.
Lin Yuan suddenly thought:
The new vest can not only be used to write “The Legend of Wukong”, this vest can also be specially used to interpret the works of Xianyu, Chu Kuang and even Shadow!
Lin Yuan gets a little itchy every time he reads netizens’ interpretations of his songs, novels, and comics.
Blue Star netizens are very imaginative and can always interpret the works he presents as wonderful.
But Lin Yuan has also seen many wonderful interpretations on Earth, including interpretation points that the Blue Star people have not discovered, but he cannot write them directly due to his identity.
The official interpretation is actually not conducive to the long-term development of the work.
And if it is a new vest, there is no need to worry about this.
As long as this new vest tries not to have anything to do with Xianyu, Chu Kuang or even Shadow.
Just interpret!
/No interaction!
Thinking about it this way, opening a new vest seems to be a very necessary thing?
In this way, you can set the rhythm for your works in an upright mann