into a living person.

This made the audience’s eyes become curious, and someone below whispered to each other: “Aren’t you afraid of being ganged up by being so close?”
“Everyone, look at the coin on the table.”
Tang Zheng noticed the change in the atmosphere and gradually became less nervous: “There are two cups here.”
A large cup.
A small cup.
Tang Zheng smiled and said: “In this case, the coins shouldn’t be put in, right?”
Bei Zhi was stunned: “You mean to put the coins into the small glass?”
Tang Zheng smiled and nodded: “Can I ask Teacher Bei Zhi to make a mark on the coin to prevent anyone from thinking that I changed the coin?”
Bei Zhi: “Okay.”
He wrote one word on the coin: fish.
The audience immediately smiled knowingly, the meaning of this word is self-evident.
Tang Zheng held the coin in his right hand and moved away from the glass: “There is a saying in our magic called transfer phenomenon. Now I want to transfer the coin in my hand to the glass. If it succeeds, my request is not high. Please give me five seconds. Is the applause good?”
Beizhi said doubtfully: “If you do it, we will applaud!”
Tang Zheng stared at the audience: “Open your eyes wide, the next moment is the moment to witness the miracle!”
Good guy.
The lines are quite cool.
It has a bit of Conan’s “there is only one truth” flavor.
But compared to the lines, what really stunned the audience was that as Tang Zheng clenched his right hand, there was a snap!
The coin falls into the buckled cup!
In the close-up of the camera, there is a word clearly written on this coin:
Beizhi was shocked: “This is the coin I just wrote on!”
Poison coin! This is it!
Why does it feel like the location has been transferred out of thin air?
The audience was already applauding vigorously in uproar!
Tang Zheng smiled and said: “Countdown to five seconds, five four three two one, thank you everyone.”
And in front of the TV!
Countless spectators were stunned!
“How did you do this? His hand is obviously so far away from the cup!”
“It’s really a miracle!”
“With such a close lens, I can’t even see how he did it!”
“It’s just because he’s so close that he’s awesome. He’s become so awesome under the eyes of so many people!”
“But when it comes to shocking, it’s still a bit short.”
“Isn’t this shocking?”
“The people who feel shocked are those who have seen too little magic. I have seen something more powerful than this.”
“He hasn’t stepped down yet. Is there more to come?”
/“There should be more, which makes me look forward to it even more. This person’s words are also very interesting. What follows is the moment to witness the miracle. The small line design is quite cool!”
The audience is looking forward to it.
Tang Zheng indeed has a new magic trick: “Some people may say that the magic trick you just performed is actually nothing special. Other magicians can do it, so I will do a magic trick that other magicians can’t do. As you can see Are there any eggs here?”
Tang Zheng took out a pile of eggs.