rdless of whether the players get their favorite works, future competitions are always full of uncertainty.

No one even knows the rules.
How will so many projects from different continents compare at that time?
Want to live stream?
How to arrange the time?
These are all unknowns.
In the days that followed, each continent was still preparing seriously for the competition.
this day.
/Finally, another relevant news came out:
Blue Star Concert was officially renamed “Blue Star Concert”.
All right.
Innocuous news.
People don’t care if it’s called “Blue Song Club” or “Blue Star Concert.”
All you need to know is that this is the first time Blue Star’s continents compete in an official music competition.
But the name did change.
/When the media reported on this event, they had already changed the name to the “Blue Star Concert.”
Referred to as “Blue Music Club”.
Amid the attention of all parties, time came to March, and various continents finally received some more precise news.
Core coaching staff meeting.
The head coaches are very tired these days and have to rush to various major project teams every day.
One hundred and eight project teams.
Basically everyone just takes turns running.
Yang Zhongming is even more tired, because in the end everything needs the final decision from him, the head coach.
at this time.
Yang Zhongming held up a document and said: “The Literary and Art Association’s new notice states that the judges for the major events of the Blue Music Club will be appointed by the Literary and Art Association.”
Everyone nodded.
This was expected by everyone, but Lu Sheng was still a little worried and said: “If this is the case, most of the referees should be from Central China, right?”
Yang Zhongming: “Yeah.”
Lu Sheng clicked his tongue twice and said nothing more.
There is nothing that any continent can do about this. We can only hope that these referees can be fair.
Although there is no precedent to refer to, there have been many controversial incidents due to unfair refereeing in the Blue Games in previous years.
“in addition”
Yang Zhongming smiled and said: “The entire game will be broadcast live on TV. Our head coach team will also send people to participate in some commentary. The main purpose is to explain the game to local audiences. Everyone should be mentally prepared.”
“No news related to the official competition?”
“The competition rules for the popular event group have been released. Five male and female players from each continent will be sent to the group stage first. Five people will be in a group. Men and women will be divided into eight groups, and two people will qualify in each group.”
“It seems that the popular group is taken seriously.”
“This is inevitable, because the pop group competition is the most elegant and popular. Regardless of the audience’s level of appreciation, everyone can listen with gusto. Unlike those musical instrument competitions, such as classical piano, there is nothing you can do if some viewers just can’t understand. , j