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outside world.
After experiencing the news bombardment of the red carpet show in the Golden Hall.
Everyone is still discussing various news surrounding the red carpet show.
Someone said:
“Should the concert begin?”
“I don’t know what’s inside.”
“I really want to go there!”
“I didn’t buy a ticket!”
“The tickets have all been bought by the big guys!”
“The most irritating thing is that some big guys don’t understand music and they just try to be arty.”
“Haha, I guess everyone has started talking about business now.”
“Isn’t there a private room in the Golden Hall? It’s just for these people.”
“We can only wait until the video comes out later.”
Don’t tell me yet.
It really left these netizens guessing.
at this time.
In the private room of the Golden Hall.
Socializing among celebrities has begun.
In different private rooms, some discussions on cooperation have already begun.
Just chatting.
The melodious and clear sound of the bamboo flute suddenly sounded.
Inexplicable emotions linger around, like sadness and nostalgia, but also like relief and peace, making people’s hearts suddenly start to swing with the music.
Whether you understand it or not.
Many people didn’t even know that the sound came from the bamboo flute, and their eyes just stared in the direction of the stage almost instinctively.
And in those private rooms.
People who were still chatting suddenly closed their vocal cords.
In the sudden silence, the expressions on each face gradually rippled.
A few people were about to speak again, but were stared at fiercely by others. For a while, they did not dare to speak, and showed a little daze. They suddenly felt sad, as if the music had been cast by magic, and there was something strange about it. The ability to sway people’s minds.
“This is?”
This is a wonderful feeling of being surrounded by notes, riding on the clouds and mist.
It seems like the only sound left in the world is the sound of the bamboo flute.
Like the broken jade from Kunshan, the sound stops the moving clouds.
Everyone’s emotional valve was turned on in an instant!
And when thousands of emotions are affected.
On the stage.
Before the piano.
Lin Yuan quietly moved the keys.
The interlaced sound of black and white keys seems to provoke and pull people’s emotions, entangled with the sound of bamboo flutes.
It’s like the wind in the mountains.
It seems like the deep moon at the bottom of the valley.
Or you can steal half a day’s leisure, or even use your shawl to cut off thorns. .
There is a unique firmness and stubbornness in the light clouds and gentle breeze, and it is like a bird making a high-pitched sound.
Not to mention professional musicians, even people who have no interest in music are completely intoxicated at this moment!
And the clear piano joins in, cautiously and slightly hesitantly.
Like a friend visiting the woods late at night.
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