o analyzing the strength of each continent!

Because of the controversy caused by the selection of all members of the Yu Dynasty into the squad, Wei Yunlan received some attention.
Game scene.
The host is introducing the rules.
The men’s bel canto solo competition only has three rounds!
The pace is very fast!
Very few rounds!
In such a high-intensity duel, the slightest mistake can be fatal!
Finished introducing the rules.
The game officially begins.
In the live broadcast room.
“Hello everyone.”
Zheng Jing greets the camera.
The singing is over.
Five judges scored.
Several commentators discussed it individually, and then asked Zheng Jing what he thought of the head coach.
Zheng Jing explains and popularizes science from a professional perspective.
On the playing field.
After the contestant Han Zhou finished singing, he looked at the score and looked a little lonely.
after all.
The next few male solos performed better than him.
Among them, there was a player named Meng Wei from Zhongzhou, whose performance was even more amazing. Five judges unanimously gave him a score of over 90 points!
As for Qinzhou’s three players, their performances were mixed.
The best Qinzhou player is named Mu Li, with an average score of 88 points.
Although it’s not as good as the one in Central Continent, it’s pretty good.
The remaining two are only in their early eighties.
The cruelty of the Blue Music Club is shown to the audience for the first time!
There is no Easter match!
There are only eight promotion places!
Central Continent occupies two, and each of the other continents occupies one!
The male commentator smiled bitterly: “The Bel Canto competition is too cruel, the pace is too fast, and the rules are completely different from our common music variety shows. If the contestants do not perform well, they will not have the opportunity to participate in the revival competition. Everyone only has one chance. If you lose, you will be eliminated, and the winner will be determined directly in three rounds!”
Zheng Jing said: “This is also the place that tests our coaching staff the most, because we need to arrange our troops well according to this cruel competition system. Take this men’s bel canto solo competition as an example. If you want to use good songs In the finals, if you lose earlier, no matter how good the song is, you won’t have a chance to sing it. The same is true for many poker games. It is a normal way of playing that the big names stay behind, but sometimes, you have to play the big cards first, because If you don’t play big cards now, you probably won’t have the chance to play cards later.”
“Yeah, but then again.”
The male commentator said: “If the Blue Music Club doesn’t play like this, and everyone has the opportunity to sing several rounds, it will take up too much competition time. After all, we have a full 108 events!”
/The female commentator said: “Not all singing competitions have three rounds. Bel Canto is very technical. You can alre