e other side.

Many spectators bought tickets to enter the venue.
There are theaters in every continent that Xingmang cooperates with to arrange films for “WALL-E”.
“Let’s take a look.”
“After all, I like Shadow’s comics the most.”
“Even if the cartoon is not good, I will admit it.”
“Who made his comics bring us so much joy?”
“By the way, the promotional video is quite interesting.”
“If you want to talk about the pictures, the pictures in the promotional video are really good.”
“Didn’t someone on the Internet say that the promotional video of Shadow edited out all the highlights, but in fact the main film is rubbish?”
“Probably not.”
“Anyway, we’ll find out soon.”
“The ticket checking has started, let’s go in.”
Netizens from all over the world are excited.
“I have already entered the theater with my girlfriend. I hope this movie will not turn into a farce. Then I will be very disappointed with Shadow.”
“It starts in one minute, and there are quite a lot of people in the theater.”
“Although Shadow is a cartoonist, he seems to have some box office appeal, right?”
“You guys quickly become guinea pigs and help us inspect the goods.”
“Ha ha.”
“This is not a guinea pig, they are all leeks.”
“Chinese chives?”
“As a fan of the Film God, I can only say that you have underestimated the pattern of the Film God. Do you know that the Film God can make more money by just publishing comics, and he still needs to go out of his way to create an animation circle to make money for you?”
“that is.”
“If you don’t like it, just don’t watch it.”
“I can earn more money than I can use in eight lifetimes. If I just make animated movies, it won’t bother you.”
Lin Yuan didn’t know what was going on online. He was in Qinzhou and invited his family to go to the cinema together.
elder sister.
younger sister.
Four people sit in a row.
Among them, Lin Yuan wore a mask to prevent him from being recognized by passers-by.
Mom: “The director of this cartoon is Xiao Yuan’s friend Shadow?”
Sister: “My younger brother also served as the soundtrack artist for the film, and also participated in the dubbing with Yu Dynasty.”
Sister: “But this movie seems to be very unpopular with the outside world.”
Mom: “Who knows nothing about my son’s friends?”
Lin Yuan: “Mom is right.”
Thirty seconds later.
The screen suddenly lit up.
The movie officially started.
I saw a picture flashing by.
It was a beautiful starry sky.
/The picture of the starry sky is full of mysterious charm and has a natural magnificence. It seems that every frame of the picture can be taken and saved as wallpaper for mobile phones or computers!
“This picture!”
“Didn’t you say that the highlights are all in the promotional video?”
“This scene never appeared in the promotional video, but it’s so beautiful!”
“Are all feature films of this quality?”
“The picture quality is so awesome!”
“It doesn’t look like a two-month rush at all!”
“If the entire film maintains this level of picture quality from beginni