any frowned.

“The situation seems a bit not optimistic. There are only people from Liuqinzhou in the top 100 of the film and television list. Is the development of our films so poor?”
“We are not the only ones in Qinzhou.”
“Other continents are not optimistic either.”
/“Most of the first hundred people are from Zhongzhou and Qizhou.”
“Fish Daddy is actually ranked fifty-fifth on the overall list!”
“so tall?”
“I feel like many of us have underestimated Fish Daddy’s movies. I thought he was ranked around eighty at most.”
“Because Yu Daddy is so successful in making music, people always overlook that he is also a core screenwriter.”
“If you are among the top three in Qinzhou, they are already one of the most powerful people in our Qinzhou film and television industry!”
/“By the way, Fish Daddy hasn’t released a new movie in a while?”
“It is estimated that it will be soon. All continents must have ideas about rankings. The Blue Star Film Market will be very lively in the future, and there may be a fight between gods and gods.”
The night passed in discussions between all parties.
Lin Yuan came to Xingmang.
“The film and television list is out. Judging from the response to this list, you are now one of the three giants in our Qinzhou film and television industry!”
Lao Zhou smiled and said:
“Let’s get down to business. The production of the movie “Kung Fu” has been completed. The company plans to arrange for its announcement in the near future. What do you think of arranging the release next month? I have to discuss the specific time with the major theaters first.”
Lin Yuan smiled.
This is what I came to the company for today.
In fact, Lin Yuan finished filming the movie “Kung Fu” a long time ago, but the market is changing rapidly and various reasons have caused the movie to be delayed until now. Now that the film and television rankings are out, he can use his ready-made works to impact the rankings.
Lao Zhou also laughed:
“As soon as this film and television list comes out, the film market will definitely be very lively. Many people are dissatisfied with their rankings and are working hard to achieve a higher ranking.”
What Lao Zhou said is right.
There will be a wave of film and television craze next.
These people are well prepared.
And among many officially announced plans.
Xingmang Entertainment also chose to officially announce the upcoming release of Xianyu’s new film “Kung Fu” in the morning!
Qinzhou is excited!
Although there are many filmmakers in Qinzhou’s official announcement of new films.
But Xianyu is undoubtedly the most talented among the many directors and screenwriters who are about to release new films in Qinzhou!
“More than two years!”
“It has been more than two years since his last movie “Resident Evil”. As a fan of Fish Daddy, I wonder if he has forgotten that he is still a screenwriter!”
“Is this the rhythm of ranking?”
“As one of the three highest-ranked filmmakers in our Qinzhou region, Fish Daddy’s films mus