Dream of Red Mansions” during the live broadcast, he already had a rough outline of what the final product of the book would look like.

This is the basis of a true masterpiece.
A top-notch masterpiece that is expected to be famous throughout the ages.
Even just the tip of the iceberg is enough to scare people.
Lin Yuan returned the gesture of “clasping fists”.
Because the other party didn’t know that his opponent in this battle was not Lin Yuan, but Mr. Cao Xueqin.
Finish replying to the message.
Take a deep breath.
Lin Yuan began to write “Dream of Red Mansions”.
In fact, there is an unavoidable problem when writing about Red Mansions.
/That is, the current version of “A Dream of Red Mansions” has a total of 120 chapters.
/Legend has it that the first eighty chapters were created by Cao Xueqin, and the author was replaced later, so the quality is much weaker than before.
The “Dream of Red Mansions” Lin Yuan received was provided by the system.
There are a total of one hundred and twenty chapters in the text, but the content behind it is different from the Earth version.
According to the system, there is no problem with the quality of the first eighty chapters. As for some of the subsequent plots, the author is a continuation of it by a writer named Luoyang.
It seems that all the works provided by the system are like this.
Where there is no ending an ending will be provided.
If the ending sucks, provide a better ending.
Anyway, Lin Yuan felt that the version of “A Dream of Red Mansions” provided by the system was indeed very good, as if it was all written by Cao Xueqin himself.
I don’t know if Blue Star will start a craze for “Red Studies” after the release of this book.
In short, he had already written the contents of the previous chapters during the live broadcast, and Lin Yuan only needed to finish the rest.
Just a few hundred thousand words.
It can be completed before the end of the month.
If nothing else happens, I will officially reach the top of the Blue Star literary world with this book!
Lin Yuan wants to beat the three major art lists one by one until they all reach the top of the list!
In the following days, Lin Yuan wrote tens of thousands of words of “A Dream of Red Mansions” every night.
As for daytime
Lin Yuan needs to record an album with Zhao Yingchrome.
Because Lin Yuan promised to produce an album for everyone in the Yu Dynasty.
Last month I made an album for Xia Fan, and easily won the first place on the season chart in January. This month it is Zhao Yingqi’s turn, and her goal is also to win the first place on the season chart.
The theme of Xia Fan’s album is teenagers.
The theme of Zhao Yingchrome’s album is what if.
This is the theme set by Zhao Yingchrome himself.
Focusing on this theme, Lin Yuan quickly came up with three songs.
This is Xu Song’s song, which can be sung by men and women, and Lin Yuan agreed to sing the chorus.
The main song was sung by Zhao Yingke, and Lin Yuan asked her to use the singing style of Huangmei Opera, because Blue Star also