classes, their progress slowed down significantly.

“let’s start.”
Lin Yuan opened the character cards of Yang Zhongming and Abigail at the same time, as if two of Blue Star’s top ten music daddies were possessed at the same time!
Lin Yuan’s eyes changed!
Yue Zhi’s majestic aura spread out wantonly, like the legendary aura of a king, and instantly restrained the three disciples!
The three apprentices sat more and more obediently.
And when the lecture officially started, the eyes of the three apprentices also changed. They looked at each other and saw the shock in each other’s eyes at the same time!
It’s a feeling that’s hard to describe.
It seemed that every word Lin Yuan said was like an enlightenment to them. Many difficult points that they had not understood before were easily understood and enlightened by Master’s explanation!
Blue music will be over.
/Master has become stronger again!
Such a realization arose in the hearts of the three of them at the same time!
This is true:
Listening to your words is worth ten years of reading!
Finished class.
Lin Yuan’s mouth was dry and he felt a little tired.
Two character cards and the activation of the teacher’s aura combined with the lecture are indeed quite energy-consuming, but judging from the reactions of the three apprentices, the effect is immediate.
“Let little Gudong pour me a cup of tea.”
“We can do this.”
Junior sister Li Lizhi found out that her two senior brothers had taken away all her work, so she ran behind Lin Yuan and gave him a squeeze on his shoulders and back.
Ah this?
Lin Yuan was not used to it at first, but under Li Lizhi’s insistence, he did not resist too much and quickly fell into enjoyment.
outside the door.
Xiao Gudong heard that there was no sound inside, and estimated that the time was almost up. He wanted to come in and change Lin Yuan’s tea, but after entering the door, he just walked to the wooden bench to lead the dog.
Good guy.
It’s okay for the two apprentices, Xue Liang and Feng Shuo, to pour tea and water for Lin Yuan. As the apple of Chairman Xingmang’s eye, why did Li Lizhi give the representative a shoulder and a slap on his back?
Xiao Gudong suspected that the chairman usually did not receive such treatment.
Xingmang just changed his surname to Lin.
After taking the tea poured by his apprentice, Lin Yuan said:
The eldest disciple Xue Liang smiled and said: “Serving Master is our duty as disciples.”
All right.
In fact, Lin Yuan originally accepted these three apprentices just to complete the system tasks.
As they get along with each other over the years, it seems that a master-disciple relationship has really developed between him and the three of them.
In fact, Lin Yuan’s teaching to these three apprentices could no longer bring him much practical benefits.
With Abigail’s character card in hand, he still chose to call the three apprentices in front of him and consciously and actively train the three of them.
Lin Yuan even began to look forward to:
These t