will be far away.”

One hundred and fifty years ago.
He Xi independently completed the microcontinuum theory. At that time, he was a lonely explorer.
One hundred and fifty years later.
This scientific research result was carried forward in the hands of He Hongwei, and eventually led to the birth of the grand unified field theory equation!
On stage.
He Hongwei said emotionally:
“And it is purely because of his mother that the “Microcontinuity Original” has been preserved to this day. Of course, this was not her original intention.
At first she just wanted to coax her son and free him from the pain.
Now that I think about it, she must have been vaguely aware of the tragedy as a mother’s intuition at that time, and how much she wanted to prevent it from a mother’s perspective.
At her level, she had no idea what was written in it, or what kind of book it was, so she secretly placed this shimmering and immortal masterpiece in the library of a primary school.
From an outsider’s perspective her behavior would have seemed ridiculous.
But she was just following a mother’s whims.
All she knew from beginning to end was that her child was good, and that this was what her good child chose to do.
I do not deny that “Microcontinuous Original” did not make any sense to He Xi’s era, but what I want to say is that you should not pay too much attention to some things, and you should not ask them to grow beautiful Leaves and flowers come.
/Because they are roots.
A mother taught me this.
Mothers never ask for anything in return from their children, but please believe that our lovely children will eventually repay their mothers. ”
In the novel.
He Xi never spoke for the next twenty years.
Doctors said he had completely lost the ability to speak.
But He Hongwei obtained a recording, which was later recorded by the hospital as a medical record before He Xi died.
It was just two days before his mother died.
“We will never know whether this is because He Xi lost support after his mother’s death, or whether he is crazy but has been subconsciously insisting on living longer than his mother. This may be the only way he can repay his mother. way, let’s listen to it next.”
The recording was played on the top podium.
There was a lot of noise in the background, a lot of people talking.
There seemed to be several doctors present.
/“Give up.” A deep voice sounded.
“He’s hopeless. It’s 10:07 now. Write down the time.”
“All right,”
“I’ll clean it up.”
A young voice suddenly rose up, “Oh my God, the patient is talking, he is talking!”
The rich voice sounded again: “He hasn’t spoken a word in twenty years, and besides, it’s impossible for him to have the strength to speak!”
The rich voice suddenly stopped.
It’s like I’ve discovered something.
The surroundings became quiet.
At this time, you can hear a voice that has been rusted with moisture for many years saying something forcefully.
“Mom,” the voice whispered vaguely.
“Mom” he called again, very clearly.
Chen Le burst into tears.
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