ntion to his tribal account.

It is worth mentioning that
Thirty million fans are just a drop in the tribe.
Because the highest number of fans on the tribe has exceeded one billion, and with the merger of Qin and Qi, this number is expected to be raised to a new level again soon!
Lin Yuan would not pay attention to this kind of thing originally.
The main reason why he specifically checked the number of fans of others was because, just when the attention of his tribe’s fans was soaring, he suddenly received a system prompt: In view of Qin Qi’s sudden merger, the host previously led the Star Music Division The mission of Rise is reset and simply changed to a simple mission of recruiting apprentices. It is enough to successfully recruit three apprentices and successfully start the army. The mission rewards remain unchanged.
The system dinged again: “Also, congratulations to the host for triggering a new task in the system. If the host can make Chu Kuang’s tribe account followers exceed 100 million within a year, he will receive a silver treasure chest and three bronze treasure chests!”
This is why Lin Yuan checked the followers of other people. He had to first understand the concept of tribe fans exceeding 100 million.
“It doesn’t seem difficult?”
There are more than one billion people paying attention, so it shouldn’t be difficult for you to strive for more than one billion, but in this case, you have to make Chu Kuang’s identity active enough.
To put it simply, it means opening a new book!
A new book after “The King of Nets” and “Zhu Xian”!
The task of the system is a bit suspected of stimulating one’s own consumption in disguised form.
But Lin Yuan was greedy for the treasure chest reward, so he could only spend money, so Lin Yuan called up the system:
“Customize a new book. The requirement is that the price should not exceed 10 million!”
Lin Yuan has been spending money like water recently.
He originally wanted to start the new book slowly, but as soon as the system task came out, Lin Yuan suddenly felt that he had rested enough.
“System customization in progress”
“Congratulations to the host for winning the work “Ghost Blows Out the Lamp”, the custom price is 10 million!”
The customization price is 10 million, which is indeed not more than 10 million. Is there anything wrong?
There’s nothing wrong with you, damn it
This system is very bad, even worse than myself!
Can you please be kind?
Previously, Lao Zhou said that the investment in “Tang Bohu Spots Autumn Fragrance” should not exceed 10 million, but Lin Yuan even quoted 90 million, leaving a lot of leeway for the company.
The system leaves no room at all!
Only at this moment did Lin Yuan realize how kind he was.
However, Lin Yuan was quite satisfied with the novels given by the system.
After he performed quantum reading, the content of the novel had clearly emerged in his mind.
at the same time.
Combining some memories from his previous life, Lin Yuan became very clear about the value of this novel.
This novel is