ut it bluntly, Shadow seemed very ungraceful. Blood Sea and Saury were probably autistic enough at this time, and there was no point in stepping on them any more.

The two of them had long since been crushed to pieces.
But anyone with a little bit of understanding will know what Luo Wei is implying.
Netizens even retraced Luo Wei’s mental journey:
“Because the connotations of saury and sea of ​​blood made Shadow feel uncomfortable, so Shadow decided to arrange these two people?”
The logic is rigorous and flawless.
Then, just like Luo Wei’s reaction at that time, everyone suddenly felt sorry for Saury and Xuehai.
Why are you two messing with him when you have nothing to do?
That is a giant dragon that looks harmless to humans and animals, but is actually taking a nap. If the dragon wakes up, and another divine dragon wiggles its tail, who the hell can withstand it!
Didn’t you see that the Twenty-two Swordsman style, which is famous for its exquisite painting skills, is ashamed of itself?
But then again.
If it weren’t for Saury and Xuehai’s attempts to seek death, how could Shadow draw “Death Note” seriously?
After all, this boss is very lazy and is not willing to paint seriously at all.
After all, this big guy can just draw away the readers, but the readers are still kept in the dark and think that Shadow is awesome.
From this perspective, don’t we all have to thank the saury and the sea of ​​blood for their provocation?
If Saury and Xuehai hadn’t made Shadow angry, would Shadow be so serious and show his true strength?
I’m afraid I will continue to fool around with things.
From now on, there should be more people like Blood Sea and Saury to stimulate Shadow.
“So, everyone really has to thank the saury and the sea of ​​blood!”
“If Teacher Saury and Teacher Xuehai hadn’t sacrificed themselves and dedicated themselves, we might have been fooled by the shadows again!”
“The key is, even if Shadow fools him casually, his level will still surpass 80% of cartoonists!”
“Saury and Blood Sea Kung Fu are in Qianqiu!”
“For great credit, I suggest awarding certificates to Saury and Blood Sea!”
Luo Wei burst out laughing when she saw these comments.
This year’s netizens are all wilted and evil, with all kinds of weird and evil attitudes.
But if you think about it carefully, weren’t they also yin and yang weird when the saury and the blood sea connoted the shadow before?
/If you don’t believe it, look up and see who God has spared.
As for Luo Wei’s purpose in publishing this article, it was actually to make her feel sick.
Shadow can say nothing, but his assistant must do something, otherwise the painters of “Death Note” will be blinded in vain.
Even if it’s not as good as the painter, “Death Note” is still a very classic work.
On some rating websites, someone said this about “Death Note”:
This is an S-level classic with an S-level plot, and an SSS-level work with unprecedented artistry!
Thanks to the sea of ​​blood?
Thanks saury?
Thanks to us!
After Xuehai and Q